Tuesday, 5 June 2012

what I bought today

Shorts: Levi's via Urban Outfitters, Initial Necklace Pendant: as before, Barry M Liquid Eyeliner in Black, Essie polishes in Watermelon, Turquoise & Calicos, Mink Muffs (haha, as shown above), Lee Stafford Bleach Blondes toning shampoo & conditioner, Maybelline Super Stay 10 hour tint gloss in Endless Ruby.
 Didn't find any shoes today so I've ordered the Topshop ones I liked online as I tried another version on in a different colour, so fit wise they should be fine :) I have wanted some black cut offs for ages, but after no success in finding some old Levis to customise in any charity shops, I caved and bought some from UO. I'll be hunting down some studs to put on the side/back pockets, as ready studded ones are so expensive, there were some for £85 in UO, who is going to pay that amount??? Crazy. 

 I also popped into Boots and got a few things, my old eyeliner is nearly dead so a backup one was a must have and I wanted another Essie polish (I sense a little addiction developing here...) I went for a weird shade, I seem to gravitate towards ugly, sort of natural shades, but I love 'em! This one's name made me chuckle too...it looks a little like a plummy chocolate on the nails and took two coats. I rather like it, it gives my nails quite a sophisticated look ;)

 I also picked up a lip stain product, I am loving stuff like this at the moment, so much easier to wear and apply than a normal lipstick, plus it's nice to layer under lipsticks and helps them wear off so much better, this one is lovely and I may do a little post on my lip stain collection.

 My mum bought me the initial pendant, I spotted it ages ago and it was originally £16 (UO WHY YOU SO PRICEY??) every time I went in I would check if it was still there or if it was discounted, but no luck. Today however I didn't bother checking, paid for my shorts and my mum appeared with the necklace and insisted on treating me, what a lovely person!

Hoping my shoes and hair dye arrive soon! I'm also waiting for a book on vintage hair styles so I can practice for when Goodwood Revival comes around, should be a pro by then ;)


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