Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Nail Polish collection/favourite colours nail polish collection! Housed in one of my empty Glossyboxes (although at the rate I'm collecting, another box will be needed soon!) which are perfect for storage. As you can see, lots of them have little stickers on top, showing me what the colour in them looks like- very useful tip if most of your nail varnish lives in identical black-topped bottles.

 My collection is mostly a combination of Barry M, Models Own and cheap high street brands, although now some Essie is working it's way in ;) I think my best brand to go to is a mixture of Barry M and Models Own, both are good for consistency and offer a great colour range. I find Barry M lasts well on my nails, although there are a few exceptions (hello Mint Green!) but I guess there are in every brand.

 If you haven't already tried Essie's diffusion line, available in Boots & Superdrug, then I can really recommend it, they offer a lovely colour range, a good brush applicator and I think the polish has good longevity on the nails. Worth the money.

 Anyway, here are my best polishes in my own collection, some I reach for often, some I rediscover, wear to death and then forget about again for a few months...I forgot to include the Models Own/Wah Nails nail art pen in the picture- I love this product and it's really easy to use and add a bit of interest to your nails :)

 Top picture, L-R: Nails Inc- Victoria & Albert, Beauty UK- Aztec Gold, Barry M- Peach Melba, Models Own- Grace Green, Essie- Turquoise & Caicos, Barry M- bright blue, No7- Cheeky Chops, Essie- Watermelon, Models Own- Utopia, Ciate- nude, Barry M- Wine, Rimmel- Disco Ball, Sally Hansen- Hard as Nails base coat & strengthener.

 These are just some of my favourites and to be honest, I have too many to include them all! I also have put down possibly my best one somewhere and forgotten where it is (Barry M- Coral), boo!

 In other news, my Topshop boots arrived today and I love them, I hope they last me ages and they seem light enough to wear on damp summer days (well, this is England...). I will post up a picture soon!



  1. I love your nail polish collection! So many awesome colours :3 *envious* And that's a brilliant idea for labeling the tops with a sample of the colour, I'll have to do that too! :)

  2. Thank you! Yes definitely do it, makes it a bit easier to choose a colour :)

  3. Great idea!
    Love your blog, and cannot explain how jealous I am of Wilma!
    Now following you! =)

  4. Aww thank you! Minis are cool, I'm very lucky to own her! x

  5. My nail polishes are also stored in beauty boxes, they are just so useful and pretty looking!!!! You have some beautiful colours! How do you ever decide?