Sunday, 30 January 2011

Sunday wandering

 Today is so nice, I decided to take Adam for a stroll on Southampton Common. It's so lovely there, it doesn't feel like you're in the middle of a city. We walked around nearly all of it- its a big place, then went to the old graveyard, which is amazing- all old, decaying grave stones complete with fallen trees and lots of ivy. We also walked around the site of the old gallows, which is on the edge of the common- in a very enclosed place, very atmospheric, and I wasn't sorry to leave- I'm sure the temperature dropped when we walked past it- quite spooky. Now I'm back in my bed, with a nice free evening ahead of me.

 I went to town yesterday for some much needed retail therapy- went to Topshop and got a nice camel coloured shirt in the sale plus some nice underwear. Also got a tshirt from H&M, and a floral tunic/shirt thing from New Look- not sure about it though, as it isn't particularly flattering, but hopefully underneath a cardigan it'll look ok, as I love the colour and floral print, and it also has a lovely scalloped collar. Valentines day soon- hopefully going to a nice seafood restaurant in Winchester called Loch Fyne, in a really old building that serves amazing seafood. Yum! Anyway, here are some photographs from today, enjoy!

gallows path

carved sword

grave in tree-trunk shape

really creepy, yet oddly cool Victorian grave

I also took some pictures of graffiti in the underpass, I used to be incredibly influenced by street art, and have several books by photographers who focus on this, so I decided to have a go. They came out pretty well, so I may think about doing some more in future- I want to take some pictures of the area that all the skateboarders use in London along the Southbank, that area is amazing.

And finally...

What a poser ahaaaaaaa. Silly boy.

Back to work next week, computer module- my brain is going to melt.


Friday, 28 January 2011

Final Hurdle

Exams are OVER! YES. And I have a few days of complete freedom before the last ever semester two- apart from some casual dissertation reading. Hoping to go shopping this weekend and finally spend my John Lewis vouchers- no idea what on, I'll just look around and see what catches my eye. Off to Winchester on Tuesday to get some photocopies of some old documents for my dissertation, taking the camera too, so hopefully some photographs will find their way home with me. Going to attempt to find a birthday card now and then have a meeting to try and get our University society back on track. This final year has gone so quickly, its crazy! Soon I'll be leaving this place forever, or until I can afford to do an MA, and I have no idea how all of my stuff is going to fit into my house in Devon...I'm dreading from suffering from post-uni depression, when you live in a small town where none of your friends live and there is nothing to do, boredom quickly sets in, I'm also dreading finding a job. Anyway, that's a long way off yet, so I won't keep rambling on and moaning, I'm sure it'll all work out. At least exams are over, and I think they went pretty well. Now to just write 10,000 words hahaa.

Enjoy your weekend :)


Sunday, 23 January 2011

Priceless...? Kind of!

I thought I would just do a quick post on my most recent pair of shoes- good break from revision too. I heard about Priceless Shoes from a few other blogs and some people at Uni, so I headed to their website. I bought a pair of grey ankle boots, I used to have some brown leather ones that were really similar from New Look but they fell apart sadly, as they went with anything. These new ones were £18 and if you spend over £15 then delivery is only £1.99 to the UK and Ireland. Pretty good for a student budget!

Yikes, flash ON is definitely better...

I got a size 9- I have massive feet, it used to really bother me, but I can fit an 8 in most shops- New Look is the best, so maybe my feet have shrunk?! haha. Anyway, these are a bit big, but a thick sock will sort that out. If you're feeling a bit poor, and want some guilt-free shoe shopping then I urge you to check them out, they do some quite good Topshop knock-offs as well. Sadly I cannot find any Topshop knock-off moccasins- I think £30 for a pair is a bit steep at the mo, even though they come in dark blue or dove grey- lovely. Images courtesy of

 I will have to keep searching. Sigh. 
Back to revision, I am so looking forward to the end of Thursday and freedom for 4 days, hopefully I can get out and take some pictures :)


Wednesday, 19 January 2011

Photo Diary Two

1. Chanel and chains. 2. High perspective. 3. Cacti, conkers and gin. 4. Top shelf. 5. Full moon. 6. This is what revision does to my room. 7. Cacti and Piddle beer. 8. Gold is fickle. 9. Neon notes. 10. Spooky huge cactus- notice a theme?! 11. Spikey. 12. Time piece. 13. Flash. 14. Again. 15. I am a Cave-man.

After completing 3 pages of revision notes for my first exam I thought I would take a break and get the camera out, cue annoying my boyfriend by finding inspiration in his cacti collection.


Tuesday, 18 January 2011


Tim Walker


Shed Chic

This picture has been on my wall since the age of 14. Nine Black Alps. Underrated.


fashiontoast. yum.

One day...

natural science. I <3 Darwin

She's up there with Marylin I'd say

The Vines. Also underrated.

I own a similar one, currently on a lawn, hopefully soon on the road.
All images: Google Image Search
 Just a few interesting pictures to get me through revision. More time soon I hope, for my own pictures. I'd like a Lookbook, but... I don't know, not too confident on that front. We'll see. Anyway, I have some more followers, thank you very much it does mean a lot! :D
 Off to create a revision page now, lots of connected boxes with scribbles in, hopefully I'll remember it all! The quote in the post below is from an inside page from one of my archaeology books, I think it sums up why I find looking into the past so interesting, and I love the imagery it creates. Annnnnd: I got Polyvore, such a productive use of my time haaaaaha, but its FUN, and that's what counts, anyway now I won't have to go trawling for a picture of a piece of clothing I like, and there's a clipper tool which lets you 'cut' out pictures of clothing from a site so you can put it on Polyvore. Niceee. Anyway, distractions will have to wait, three exams await me aiieeeeee :( Laters!