Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Leopard print & studs

 My studded collar shirt arrived from ebay so I thought I'd show it on here! I like to wear it under jumpers and tuck it in as it's a little big for me. My leopard print creepers also arrived but I think I might have to return them as they are a little small :( I'm hoping to find some more that are just as nice. There were some in Office but they are all sold out apart from size 5, typical!

 I'm having a day off work today, in fact I'm only working two days this week which is nice, then I'll be off to Dorset at the weekend to have a nice long weekend with Adam and hopefully visit some nice places :) I've got slimming world tonight, I'm half a pound away from my one and a half stone award, and I'm not sure I'll get it this week as I had quite an indulgent weekend haha ;)

Some stuff from mac arrived the other day, so I might spend today taking some pictures of it to post on here, and I might do a red lip product post as I've been enjoying wearing that type of thing recently.

 I also picked up my Pentax film camera again the other day after neglecting it for ages, I only have about six pictures to take before it needs developing. I also need to take advantage of having my other scanner before my brother takes it away, for some reason my Kodak scanner doesn't work properly. I might look into a cheap colour scanner that works with a mac. Any suggestions?



  1. Love this shirt, it looks great under the jumper.
    Congratulations on losing so much on Slimming World! I am also following the plan and am a big fan =)

  2. Ooh another slimming world person! It's great and so easy! Thank you! xx