Sunday, 3 June 2012

Sunday Post: The Grand Day Out

Today we went to a National Trust property in Cornwall, called Antony- where the recent Alice in Wonderland film was shot. It was a miserable day weather wise, but the house and grounds were stunning and if you're ever in the area then definitely make time for a visit! We walked down to the sea and skimmed some stones and collected some sea glass and huge pine cones. I managed to take over 50 photographs, but I'll post up a select few on here ;)

My shoes let me down big time, they let water in everywhere and I returned home with cold, wet feet, so tomorrow I'm going to drag my mum off to go boot shopping, I think it'll be tricky to find any this time of year though, although I have spied some lovely ones on the Topshop site, hopefully they'll have arrived in store!

Tea cup topiary

Hope everyone has a nice long weekend, I have the Tuesday off too, so these extra lie-ins are greatly appreciated! Thank you Your Majesty for letting me have more sleep ;)

I have purchased some silver hair dye/toner, so if it works I will be a step closer to pastel hair! 



  1. Wow! The gardens are beautiful!
    That tea cup topiary reminds me of Alice! :)

  2. It's such a nice place, they had a hollow tree/bush thing you could sit in with fairy lights inside- so pretty!