Friday, 27 April 2012

payday treats

I. Got paid (feels like forever since my last paycheck whooooo!), so I had some cash to fritter away (although I'm meant to be looking for a nice wedding outfit, cough cough), anyway might have got that sorted as I'm going to see my bf this weekend and dragging him off shopping! ;)

II. First up is the Loreal Telescopic Mascara, heard some very good things about this so expectations are high! There was a "2 for £14" deal on, as the mascara is £10.99 on it's own it was a good opportunity to get some more goodies...

III...which brings me to my second item: Colour Riche lipstick in Red Passion (or Cheryl's red as touted on the annoying adverts), I wasn't looking for another red but none of the other shades really grabbed me- all a little frosty looking with a massive amount of shimmer. This has surprised me, it's a nice, wearable red, there is shimmer but nothing too offensive and it's in no way drying on the lips. Very pleased since it only cost me £3 instead of £8- definitely not really worth that much!

IIII. My final purchase is probably my favourite- the Maybelline Colour Tattoo in On and On Bronze- I have been hunting for this for absolutely ages, all gone in the big stores! I didn't expect this to be stocked in my little local Boots but there it was, and there was one left, so I grabbed it! It's very very similar to the mac paint pots, which I adore, and the container is also very familiar- very sturdy and made of thick glass with a screw top lid. The product isn't as thick in texture compared to my mac offering, but this stuff doesn't budge, even scrubbing it in a hot shower only just managed to remove it, although I think my Liz Earle Cleanse & Polish might be up to the job ;) Anyway, I'm really looking forward to using this and seeing if it can last more than 8 hours (not going to be sleeping in my makeup to test the 24hr claim thankyou!)

V. So looking forward to this weekend and some much needed retail therapy, also going to be using ebay to make me some more cash- I've only just recovered from the last lot of stuff I sold on there, I had a lot of trouble with royal mail and some very nasty buyers who desperately needed an attitude transplant...anyway, roll on Saturday afternoon and two days of freedom!!


Sunday, 22 April 2012

On a Sunday VI

1) my house is for sale! 2) brush cleaning day 3) 'new' camera from charity shop 4) trinkets 5) dusk from my window 6) multi-coloured nails 7) epic fish & chips at Swanage 8) leopard print shirt & topshop spike necklace 9) dinosaur tee.     

Monday, 16 April 2012

moving on...

I. Went to Dorset this weekend to visit the bf, went to Swanage and had an epic portion of fish & chips plus a mr whippy ice cream (even though the temperature was pretty arctic like), the new forest harley davidson club turned up in the middle of our meal, we were deafened by the bike engines. Also witnessed a tractor pulling competition... haha. 

II. Added some pictures in of the amazing view point we stopped off at, above an abandoned village that we will be visiting next time, plus some of my jewellery and my lovely pug make up bag- his eyes follow you around the room!

III. Just working this week, got the dentist next monday, so not looking forward to that one (who does?!) as I'll be finding out when my teeth have to be surgically removed.

IIII. Our house is for sale (will be as of wednesday), it's finally happened and I'm a mixture of feeling nervous and excited. After my parents talking about it for ages it's happened very quickly and thinking about where we could be in a year's time is quite scary...but in a good way if that makes sense? I just hope it all works out ok!

V. Found a lovely denim button up shirt in h&m today, for £15 less than the topshop one, really wanted one for ages and I'm looking forward to wearing it with my cross print skirt, although I now have £30 to live on until payday.  Bah.


Monday, 9 April 2012

Easter bank holiday weekend

 I. This weekend has consisted of lots of walking and also eating a large amount of bad stuff (tasted nice though), so hopefully the exercise cancels it out! Made an cake for my mum's birthday that contained an epic amount of raspberry cream filling, and got lots of chocolate bunnies for Easter.

II. Went up on Dartmoor in the sun to go letterboxing and to climb a tor. Saw some amazing views but the clouds meant that any pictures didn't really come out properly.

III. Also went to Dunster Castle in Somerset on the Sunday, it was a lovely day and such a beautiful place with a very pretty village, also saw an adorable french bulldog with gorgeous little ears like a bat haha. Had quite a spooky experience on a staircase inside the castle, but felt nothing in the rooms where the majority of the ghostly sightings are meant to take place- typical. We came down the back staircase and it was freezing, like walking into a fridge, but only I felt it, my parents said it was warm. The feeling also followed me until the next room, not a pleasant experience, but I really want to go back on a quieter day and see if anything else happens. There was also an exhibition about the castle ghosts, and people had sent in pictures of the castle where things had appeared which weren't there when they were taken- it was so interesting. I looked at my pictures when I got home but there wasn't anything weird in them sadly. 

IIII. Today is so wet and horrible I don't really feel like doing much except drinking lots of tea by the fire and consuming more chocolate, I have lots of vanilla buttercream frosting left over from cake making, so I might make some butterfly cakes this afternoon. Diet is slipping I fear...thank god Easter is once a year!


Wednesday, 4 April 2012

real techniques/mac soft & gentle

 I. When I got paid the other week I decided I needed some new makeup and brushes, a girl can't have enough! Went to Boots and took advantage of the 3 for 2 offer, bought the core collection and the stippling brush by Real Techniques...simply amazing brushes, they really do live up to all the hype around them, the buffing brush has overtaken my Sigma F80 foundation brush by miles. I love them. I just wish you could buy them all individually. The little case they come in is very useful though, as my current makeup brush holder (a mug) is quite full.

II. Then I went to the mac counter and picked up Soft & Gentle msf, it's very pretty and my new favourite highlighter, I've used it everyday since I bought it, it gives such a flattering and lovely glow to the skin, and I can see this working on pretty much every skin tone. I use my real techniques contour brush to apply it, so soft!

III. I have lost over a stone now, and I feel so good about it, everything seems to fit me so much better, although nearly every pair of skinny jeans I own are now quite baggy, might have to live in dresses until I can afford smaller ones, unless it snows of course!

IIII. Went out at the weekend for my friend's birthday, such a fun night, but I didn't take my camera, it was so nice to see everyone but it makes me think realise how far we've all moved away from each other, I really appreciated seeing everyone and having a good time- very much needed!

V. Just working this week and then making lots of yummy stuff for my mum's birthday on Saturday, then I'm off for a family day out on the Sunday to a castle, going to hopefully get some nice pictures and use up some more film.

Have a nice week/Easter! :)