Wednesday, 29 December 2010


my hair looks so short here, it's black now :)


Monday, 27 December 2010

Yay! Camera!

Christmas was lovely- too much tinsel, food and presents. Perfect. My camera arrived under the tree, as did a few other wonderful things. Marc Jacobs perfume (Lola) is exactly what I needed when I ran out of scent 6 months ago, an amazing Twinings tea set from my boyfriend with about 20 types of tea (Gunpowder Green tea is the best), a set of heated hair rollers, Luella's Guide to English Style, the River Cottage cook book, a printed scarf, Coco before Chanel dvd, cupcake salt and pepper shakers and a set of Victorian kitchen scales. Wow.

Me and my parents went up onto the edge of Dartmoor today to see the last of the snow and so I could test out my camera- it's sooo tiny, very useful as I can carry it in my pocket. We found some very odd footprints, either somebody was walking through the woods in bare feet or the yeti does exist... The snow has nearly gone, it didn't thaw out for a week, but now heavy rain is washing it all away- hello floods!
I managed to take some pictures- I have yet to buy a memory card, and the internal memory only holds about 8 pictures. Ugh. Anyway, enjoy:

my kitty

odd footprints

a little door in a tree in the deer park- this has been there over 20 years!
More camera pictures to come soon probably, I need to get a memory card first! Not sure what to do for New Year yet, I have £8. Boo.


Monday, 20 December 2010


Finally got round to doing a post about the exhibition I saw at the British Museum- it was very cleverly done and quite thought provoking, it made me think about the amount of medication I must have taken over my lifetime, and how much more I will probably have to take.
The installation was essentially one long table, covering two different people's lives through the medication they took, from birth to death. Entitled 'Cradle to Grave' every single pill, antibiotic and tablet each person ever took was on display, each one individually inserted into a mesh pocket. Behind this roll of pills were pieces of paper documenting the illnesses and problems that these people suffered which required medication over the years, alongside of this were personal items and photographs documenting their lives.

This shows when the man died of a stroke, the pills abruptly end
I am putting a link in to Pharmacopoeia's website, click here. If you go to Artworks along the top you can see all the projects they have done/are involved in, there is a great picture of the Cradle to Grave exhibition table which gives you an idea of how big it is.
On another note, we have snow! Too much of it, the main road out of town is dangerous and our road hasn't been cleared, cannot really go anywhere. On the plus side, I managed to hike to Oxfam today and found the best aran cable knit jumper, £3.99! Beautiful. I would take some pictures of the snow but my camera is rubbish as you know and I cannot be bothered to sink into a 10 inch snow drift. I will decorate the house instead with tinsel, holly and fairy lights, the Christmas tree is snowed under on the patio, not sure when it's coming inside :S Plus my cat has a very bad back leg and needs to go to the vets, but we cannot get the car down the hill, we might have to take her on the sledge...


Friday, 17 December 2010


London. British Museum. 16/12/2010. 21st birthday eek! I feel quite old :( Went to Rokit- bit disappointed really, too pricey and some of the items weren't worth £30 +, even if they were vintage. Urban Outfitters is lovely, shame about the prices... I wanted to buy everything!
Pictures: mostly archaeology stuff with quite a few of shiny things that I wanted to steal haha. Again, the iPhone quality let some of them down- not long until I get my camera!

Huge Christmassy reindeer! Covent Garden

Parthenon marbles

Egyptian votive figurines- my best thing in the B.M, the colours of these are amazing!

Bronze Age Torc's

Pocket watches

Cameo's. Yum.
 It also snowed when we were walking back to Waterloo. There was also a really good art/science installation in the museum, but that deserves a separate post, which I can do soon hopefully- just got to get home on Sunday through the snow :S


Wednesday, 8 December 2010


I'm not entirely sure when I will have time to post again after this- I have SO much work to do over the holidays- 2 essays, revision, the dissertation and the dissertation presentation. UGH. On top of this I am poor. Seriously, I had £2.97 left in my bank account today and I hadn't even been out, it's all gone on living and food, I really wonder how people live. Anyway, I got a free lift to Oxford yesterday and oh my lorrrd it's amazing, really beautiful- I fully recommend you go if you haven't yet. I am going back ASAP to see the Ashmolean and the Pitt-Rivers Museum properly- very interesting places and the Ashmolean has just been re-vamped and they have done it SO well. Plus its FREE!! So many beautiful old bikes there too- mine would fit right in, such a lovely city. I wish I'd taken some pictures but I ran out of time. I went to Salisbury museum today with my Bronze Age class to have a look round- brilliant place, lots to see even though the museum looks tiny from the outside, but it isn't! They had a mummified cat and a rat that had been found in the cathedral wall as a superstitious relic to keep vermin away! The cathedral looked really nice in the sunset, again I forgot to get any pictures, FORGET. FULL. I also received my latest ebay purchase (maybe that's where my money is going...ahaaa) a very soft and snuggly 'ladder' effect jumper which is so big its a dress on me- very warm though and perfect for this horrible, cold weather. My room still doesn't heat up properly...bah.
 Anyway, my dear mother has given me some money to see me through until next Friday when I break up for Christmas, so I can go and hopefully finish all the xmas shopping tomorrow hurrah! I only have 3 things to get so I may treat myself to a warm chunky scarf from Primark- £8, not too pricey! I applied to be on the street style team for a fashion magazine run by some people at my Uni, I really hope I get on it- I would kill to be involved with something like this- I love how people put things together and the reasons behind that, being able to do something along the lines of The Satorialist (although on a smaller scale) would be amazing. Fingers crossed!
Next time I post I will probably be 21- scarrry, I really don't want to grow up and have to sort my life out. At least I am going to London on my birthday to the British Museum, and this time I WILL take some pictures.
Also, because I am a stat fiend, I notice that my blog is getting quite a lot of views- THANK YOU for looking, it means a lot to me that anyone is actually taking any notice of what I type, thanks again!

Bye for now,  hopefully I will be back soon when I have a decent camera and when (some of) the workload has gone for good, I am so looking forward to that moment. Byeeee!


Sunday, 5 December 2010

Mushroom nails

I haven't used nail polish for ages- mostly as I couldn't be bothered and I get annoyed when it chips after a day. However I saw an amazing colour by Barry M- this brand is famous for it's use of colour and it's not too expensive- my nail varnish was around £3.99 I think. Anyway, I got the colour 'Mushroom', it's a lovely brown colour, and so much cheaper than the one Chanel brought out- that sells on ebay for £50 +!

I tend to find that Barry M polishes chip quite easily, and I only had this one on for a day when it started to flake off. I also bought a top coat- Rimmel Pro Matte Finish, this gives your nails a really cool matte look, it's really interesting to watch it turn matte as it dries. So far I have had no chips at all, although I did apply 2 coats, but so far it seems like a great product- it also makes your nails very smooth. It was about £4.99 I think, but it will last for ages as quite a lot comes out on the brush and I only had to dip it back in once while painting both hands. The brush is quite short and wide- it makes coating your nails very easy- it would be nice if all brushes were like this, the Barry M ones are long and thin and I found it difficult to cover my nails in only 3 strokes.

Mushroom. Excuse the rubbish picture quality

Rimmel Pro Matte Finish- seen on top of Mushroom

I will definitely be using the matte polish on my other nail varnishes- I think red or black will look great, but I also have a gray polish to try on my feet with the matte coat on top- the possibilities! I think I may make the effort in future to try out new colours and paint my nails more often. My mac eyeliner ran out the other day too, and I had to buy a really cheap Collection 2000 one to keep me going as I cannot afford the £12 plus shipping for a new mac one. I used to use the cheap one all the time as a teenager and it used to be really good, but they may have changed the formula as now it's rubbish- it takes about 3 coats to look thick, whereas mac takes one. You certainly get what you pay for, I may have to look for another one- Natural Collection have cheap makeup, but their products are really good so I might look there. And my mascara is running out arhghhh, definitely asking for makeup for Christmas, maybe a big box of mac products? Haaa.

I also took a couple more pictures using Hipstamatic on my phone, just throwing these in at the end for fun:

Cath Kidston mug- holds so much tea!

very well used Topshop ballet pumps


Sorry if any of these appeared before, my brain is frazzled by my dissertation, two chapters of which have to be written in the next 2 weeks...eeeeek! Sometimes I hate work.