Monday, 27 February 2012

On a Sunday IIII

 A day late but oh well! This Sunday we had the most amazing weather, so me and mum went on a epic trek on Dartmoor- all this about a mile from my house- definitely the best part of living where I do. Also took some shots of my mum's crocus in bloom in the sun and a nice little photobooth pic for you ;)

 Went to make a hair appointment today, need a trim and I want my ombre ends done. My usual hairdresser had a new receptionist who was very unhelpful and didn't seem to understand that I work and cannot come in on certain days- and those were the days she kept offering me, despite me telling her clearly that I wasn't available! In the end I went somewhere different and got an appointment no problem, this Wednesday, I'm a bit nervous as I hope it goes ok, they didn't seem to understand the concept of 'ombre' (I thought all places would have an idea as it's meant to be a massive hair trend??) but I will be taking a picture with me, so hopefully my hair won't go wrong! Always get nervous going to the hairdressers, maybe I have a phobia haha.

Had a panic yesterday and thought my Pentax had broken as the light meter wasn't working! Turned out to be a flat battery- felt a bit silly but at least I don't have to get it repaired...ANNNNND I made £100 on ebay selling mostly charity shop finds! Most impressed with myself ahaa.

 Back to work tomorrow and I have Slimming world- hopefully I'll get my half a stone target this week :)


Monday, 20 February 2012

Glossybox: Feb 2012 LFW Edition

Duwop venom gloss (full size), Impress press on manicure (full size), Paul Mitchell quick slip (sample), BM Beauty pure mineral eyeshadow (sample), Como Shambhala invigorate shower gel (sample).

 Normally I wait a week to test everything etc, but today I was really bored and tried everything out today instead. To be really honest, this is another 'meh' box, and I am really considering terminating my subscription when I get to my free box. The venom gloss is surprisingly nice, not too gloopy on the lips- for me it feels like a heavy lip balm, it really tingles though so be warned!! The press-on nails are not really my thing or colour (neon pink, yuk), but I will try one out and see how it fares- can always give them to someone else ;) The eyeshadow is ok, it fades well, leaving a nice sparkle (reminds me of Beautymarked by MAC), but again, not such a friendly colour, as I'm into my neutral shades (can't win all the time though). The shower gel smells lovely, I'm coming to the end of my Rituals one, so it's nice to receive another brand to try. The Paul Mitchell quick slip is a little strange, it smells nice when you squirt a little onto your hand, but when using it after a while it develops a really odd after-smell, still, it left my hair feeling soft and in no way greasy, so I'm pleased with it.

I wish Glossybox would do a little q&a thing for everyone, where you could specify what you like, in terms of makeup shades and skin tone etc- their Beauty profile is a little bit crap in my opinion, and I don't think I've ever received any products that suit my skin or hair type/tone based on the answers I gave them. Considering their service is very popular I think they could bother to get it right more often and listen to what their customers want...

 Overall, this box is ok- nothing really grabs me, but it's nice to get some new products I haven't heard of before. I just don't know how much longer I'm going to carry on with this- £12 a month soon adds up, and to be really honest, I don't need endless pots of samples (however good) just lying around, especially the ones I can't/don't like using. I would honestly rather save up and buy more expensive products that I am actually going to use regularly and that I really want. Once I have collected enough Glossydots to get a free box then I think I will be unsubbing as I've said. This did brighten up my day though, and I enjoyed testing everything out :)


Sunday, 19 February 2012

On a Sunday III

 Cannot get enough of my fur (fake) stole/cozy thing- so warm and snuggly, my mum cuddles it in the car if I've worn it out...!

 That time of the week again- my life is zooming by- oh well, payday soon!
 Did some ladybird style nails yesterday, falling in love with my nail art pen again. Also started my workout regime today- OH GOD IT'S INSANE. I had to pause it twice due to feeling faint...oh well, hopefully it'll do something!

Getting my hair done as soon as my money comes through- going for a trim and an 'ombre' look, yup a little behind on that trend (as ever) but I fancy a change without dying the whole lot, if I hate it then the ends can be chopped off.

 Also going to stock up on some more Liz Earle products since a little email arrived the other day informing me that the prices are going up on 1st of March, think the 29th Feb is the last day you can order with the cheaper prices. I'm going to order the Feb face kit which has free p&p, then I'll be sorted with skincare for a very long time :)
Going to have some tea now and think about what sort of soup to make this evening, also got to get around to putting some more stuff on money money please!


Wednesday, 15 February 2012

with love...

My Valentines weekend consisted of driving, eating (what diet?), cuddling and more eating. Perfect. We went to Studland in Dorset and went for a lovely walk, then ate heart cupcakes afterwards in the warm car. Then we went shopping yesterday and I drove home this afternoon. Adam got me the most adorable card!
 I bought a workout dvd and I think I'm going to die, it looks insane. Back to work for 3 days, then two days off- lovely :)
 Sadly the mini isn't mine (yet), I took this picture while the owner was unlocking the door, bit awkward... me and Adam talked about a possible driving tour when I get mine, that would be amazing, I would rather get to know Britain better than go abroad just yet, bit cheaper too ;)

Happy Valentines little blog, with love,

 from me.


Saturday, 11 February 2012

my week on Instagram

Off tomorrow for a lovely couple of days with the bf, looking forward to celebrating our fourth Valentines Day together :)


Wednesday, 8 February 2012


tea solves everything, especially in a large Cath Kidston mug... ;)
 I put on a pound at slimming world this week, which massively depressed me. I had been very good all week, but it might just be one of those things. I guess it could have been worse- 2lbs would have made me cry. Onwards and upwards though, and I'm being extremely good until my next weigh in- desperately want to get to loosing half a stone!

  I finally sorted out my tax problem today- apparently my employers didn't bother telling inland revenue that my tax code needed changing and now I am owed over £700 back HAR HAR. I shouldn't have been paying any tax at all until April, stupid Lloyds- don't ever work for them. Although I got a £28 voucher to spend on the high-street from them today as our shop made all of our targets in December- I'm off to Topshop (where else) with mine. :)

 I got my Liz Earle stuff today which made me smile, it's packaged so nicely and feels so expensive (when I think it's very reasonably priced), they also gave a me a free sample of the skin tonic. I am going to get some use out of it before posting on here though, let's hope it lives up to the hype.

Cooking with my ma this afternoon and then we're going to a local archaeology talk this evening, hopefully I can get back on track with this and ask about some work experience- I am really feeling that I'm wasting my degree, and my little trowel is rusting away!

More soon,


Sunday, 5 February 2012

on a Sunday II


Murad primer, MAC Studio Fix in NW20, Clarins creams via Glossybox, MAC Expensive Pink shadow, No7 & Avon mascara, Avon supershock gel eyeliner pencil.
 Firstly, where is the snow?! Everywhere but here it seems :( I thought I would make an entry about the new makeup items I acquired over the last week or so, one of the girls I work with has become an Avon lady, I always used to get a catalogue to my door every month, but then I went to Uni and they stopped. I had heard lots of good things about the gel eyeliner and it was free if you bought the mascara which was half price anyway. I'm testing it out today and so far I'm very pleased. The mascara is ok, not as good as the No7 one pictured- that is amazing and seriously worth a look. A few naughty mac purchases too, very happy with the shadow, the foundation might have to grow on me though- not the easiest to get out of the bottle- might have to get a pump...

 I'm not going to do a Glossybox post, due to being lazy ;), so I have included my favourite items from the Valentines box: the Murad primer and the Clarins creams- nice to try them and in decent sample sizes too. Not massively keen on the Eyeko liner- I find it drags and dark blue is not really my colour when it comes to makeup, still a nice product to receive though- makes a change from perfume samples ;)

 The only clothing store in our town is closing soon- Peacock's. Although I wouldn't always choose to shop here, a few nice items can be found if you rummage around, I found some teal chino's for £9 yesterday :)  I really hope another clothes store opens up or I will have nothing- the nearest good clothes shops are about 15 miles away- living in a rubbish rural town really does have it's downsides.

My pictures look a little different today- I edit them using picnik, a free editing program, although I found out today it's closing in April (notice a trend here?). But their premium package is free until then, so if you've ever thought about signing up do it now!! I might have to bit the bullet and pay for Photoshop after April...and get around to updating my mac- oh to win the lottery!

 I lost another lb at slimming world this week, so 5.5lbs has come off overall. I'm also going to invest in this- a good workout dvd so I can exercise in my comfy lounge and not have to face any gym scenes...cannot think of anything worse!

Have a nice weekend little blog :)