Monday, 18 October 2010

October Oatmeal

My room at Uni is like an igloo. Ridiculous. So I have been living in my snuggly oatmeal cardigan from Primark. There is a LOT of this colour around at the moment and I can see why- it goes very well with lots of things in my wardrobe. I am on the lookout for a jumper in this colour, and there is a particularly nice example in Topshop. Sadly its £40, and normally I wouldn't begrudge paying this as Topshop's stuff lasts very well and is quite frankly, worth it. BUT, I have only £30 to live on until the weekend, so I may have to wait, or rummage in Primark for something similar. I don't mind doing this, as the feeling you get when you actually find something in your size, price range, and on a hanger equates to something like triumph. HA. For example, the other day I discovered a very nice blouse (see- through, nude with horse shoe print). This should prove to all the Primark haters that there ARE great items in there, you just have to put a little effort into finding them. Sorted.

Topshop. Want, need etc.
How yummy is that jumper? It'll keep me cozy all winter. I haven't taken any pictures for ages, I am waiting on a camera for Christmas, so the quality of the pictures will hopefully be wayyyy more better than those from my iphone- considering how expensive they are, it could at least have a decent camera...
No pictures seem to exist of the Primark blouse, so I guess I will have to provide one next time. Meanwhile, I have to go get some fruit and veg from the Uni fruit market, I want to make fruit kebabs YUM.
Laters. X

Tuesday, 12 October 2010


Second week back at Uni. Moan. Grumble:

I have a lovely room with a huge bed that I don't often leave :)
When I do leave I'm in the library.

Reading. Not bad, but it's not stuff that I always want to read :/

Roll on end of 3rd year. Hello unemployment!

My ears just popped haaah.