Tuesday, 27 March 2012

vintage wheels

 While at my boyfriend's this weekend we went to Beaulieu, the motor museum in the New Forest. Lots of lovely vintage cars, minis galore and beautiful monastery ruins, accompanied by brilliant sunshine and blue sky. The Topgear and James Bond exhibitions are brilliant and well worth a visit. The entry fee is a little high, but you can book in advance online and save 10%. If you gift aid your entrance fee then you can come back again within 12 months and get in for free. I also entered a raffle to win a bmw mini convertible for £1- fingers crossed, it's drawn in November!


Monday, 12 March 2012

russian dolls & white tiger rugs

 All taken at Lanhydrock, Bodmin, Cornwall (a National Trust property) a few weekends ago. I was particularly proud of the little robin who seemed to love having his picture taken. What a poser. There was some seriously yummy stuff in that house, think beautiful oak furniture, stuffed animals galore and vintage pieces- my dream house, I could happily move in tomorrow!

 I went for a nice walk on Dartmoor today in the sunshine, found a sheep's lower vertebrae which I'm planning on turning into a necklace. Also found a pretty impressive shetland pony skull which has joined my little collection in the conservatory, the neighbours think I'm a little odd...haha ;)

 Haven't spent too much this week, just restrained myself from buying a NARS blusher & highlighter, going to wait until next payday for those however, as I cannot justify it at the moment. Instead I got my bf some birthday presents and might have got myself a cheeky topshop grey marl dress in the process (justification is that it's a good 'basic' and can be layered/worn alone in summer, at least that's what I tell myself).

 Back to work tomorrow, and it's going to be busy, why can't weekends last forever??


Sunday, 11 March 2012

On a Sunday V

Fresh marmalade, seedlings, catkins, salmon skinnies & asos silver cross, crossed thorns, catkins & flowers.

 Kinda missed out on last Sunday's post, but today's objective was to get out in the sun and photograph some catkins. Mission accomplished! Also washed my make up brushes and made an effort to bake macaroons (epic fail there) that turned out to resemble pink squishy blobs.

 I had a massive hair disaster on wednesday night, bleached my ends to get an ombre look and it went very very wrong, think coppery orange/yellow, not a good look. Cue a very panicky early phone call to the hairdressers in the morning and luckily I went after work (had no time for any lunch so grabbed a slice of bread that kept me going for four more hours), I am now a lovely blonde shade all over, quite a change but I'm really enjoying it and no more orange tones I am very glad to say :)

 Also I have lost 10lbs overall, still a little way to go but I feel so much better, had to size down to buy the above jeans, I know I mention this weight loss in nearly every post, but I am proud of it and it's a very positive thing, if you don't like it then feel free to skip over it.

 Last week I went to a National Trust property in Cornwall with my family, I took lots and lots and lots of pictures, so I will put some up later in the week.

 Tonight I'm making soup and watching Crufts, haven't seen many pugs so far, but I'm rooting for the Newfoundland to win best in show, love them and their dribbly ways haha!