Friday, 15 June 2012


 I felt creative last night, so I got my battered little sketchbook out and drew some doodles and then progressed onto some bird studies, I might have been inspired by the last episode of Springwatch- loving that program! I haven't really drawn anything for ages, despite taking GCSE & A-LEVEL art, but I like the results :) The book above is one of my favourites, I used to look at it when I was small and spend ages looking at all the drawings. The wren is one of my favourites, it's also my mum and my grandma's favourite bird too.

 I've spent today looking through University prospectus's for my MA course, I want to do Msc Osteoarchaeology (the study of human and animal bones), and I plan on applying for 2013. It's so nice to have a goal to save towards again, and some sort of future plan, I do not plan on being a dispenser forever and I really want to go back into education again. I had a lovely chat with one of my best friends the other night and we were discussing life and where it might take us, I love those sort of chats, it helps me get some perspective if I'm feeling stuck in a rut and reminds me that my life will go somewhere, but I have to make it happen. Little steps are being made, but in the right direction which is what counts!

 Later on today I'm driving to Bournemouth for a weekend with Adam, we're hopefully going shopping tomorrow and having a nice relaxing few days, shame about the weather! I'm dreading driving really, I get scared about trees falling onto the road! I'm sure it will be fine though :)

 I'm taking my film camera and then I can hopefully get the pictures developed next week!



  1. Wow your sketches are amazing!
    Have a lovely weekend in Bournemouth =)

    1. thank you, I managed to do some more this weekend so I might make this a regular feature. I like your haul post, I also spent quite a lot of money over the weekend...oops! xx