Wednesday, 31 August 2011

What I Got This Week

I picked up a few things in Exeter yesterday when I went in to see two lovely friends for a day of mooching around, consuming tea and chatting. I went in last week to get a duvet cover, and got a really good sample of No 7's Beautifully Matte foundation, the lady gave me loads! I went and purchased the full size bottle yesterday as I also had a £5 discount voucher, but at £13.50 full price you can't really go wrong, I can't afford to re-purchase Chanel Matte Lumiere, and after trying this new one out, I honestly prefer the offerings of No 7. More on that another day.

I also picked up some new moisturiser, this time I went for Botanics Pore Perfecting Day Lotion, which is meant to be beneficial to spot prone skin, we'll see. I also paid a visit to Superdrug and picked up a Sleek blush in Rose Gold. I tried it out today and I'm very impressed- it gives your skin a lovely sheen. I also roped my friends in helping me search for the perfect rust coloured jumper- there was one in River Island in the men's section, but I'm glad I didn't get it- I think I might actually go for the one in H&M with the elbow patches.
Had a little run in with Models Own last night- I placed an order on the Tuesday when the 50% sale started and seemed to have no problems ordering when so many others seemed to run into difficulties. Feeling smug I waited for my order...and waited...then I emailed them last night asking if they'd sent it yet- turns out it never went through. They refunded me and I tried ordering again, this time I got more email conformations, so hopefully I'll have my goodies soon!
I'm hopefully going for a bike ride this afternoon, after having two job rejection letters in two days I'm feeling a little flat- but at least they had the decency to contact me instead of leaving me wondering. I guess I'll just have to keep trying.
I'm so looking forward to October and my little holiday with my boyfriend, I think we're going to Longleat Safari Park :D


Friday, 26 August 2011


Widemouth Bay, Cornwall.

Just some pictures from our spontaneous day out, we thought it would be really quiet due to the odd weather, but no- it was heaving! We managed to walk away from all the holiday makers though and went to see the rock pools. Then a huge weather system appeared- I managed to take some suitably atmospheric pictures of it- it started to tip it down, so we left quickly! I also managed to get some shots of some wader birds- they looked really blurry on the camera, but turned out really well :)
When I took the boy back to the station :(, me and mum went duvet cover hunting- Debenhams had a lovely set- light green with different coloured swallows all over. And in the sale, get in.

This weekend I won't be up to much- just filling in more applications- you know the story- and hopefully going out with my parents somewhere for bank holiday Monday. I'm hoping the weather is going to seriously improve by then!

Have a nice long weekend :)


Tuesday, 23 August 2011

A Room Of My Own

A few shots of my room- the other half isn't so complete yet, I desperately need a bookshelf! I'm off to play around with my Babyliss heated rollers now. And apply for about 15 more jobs...


Monday, 22 August 2011

Mansard Roof

Lipstick- Barry M 150. Nail Varnish- Barry M Raspberry, Sally Hansen Hard As Nails Clear. Bronzer- Sue Moxley Famous in Bali.

 Wandered into my little local Boots today and picked up some Sally Hansen nail polish in the hope that it will help my nails grow and persuade them not to break. I also picked up some Barry M polish in Raspberry, I've seen a lot of this colour in the clothes for A/W, so it should translate to nails nicely. I'm really looking forward to the 50% sale on Models Own, which should start soon as they've reached 50,000 likes on facebook, I'm hoping to grab a nice green polish as I currently don't own any nice greens! I picked up the Barry M lipstick and Sue Moxley bronzer last week when my mum took me shopping. The lipstick is lovely, it's like my natural lip shade but better, the formula is really creamy and it wears off really well- sadly it doesn't have a lot of staying power though. The bronzer is brilliant- I'm rapidly running out of Hoola so I needed a cheaper alternative. This one is a lot more shimmery with gold running through it, but it lasts really well and doesn't look too over the top. Perfect! 

I've also been accepted by the Cinnamon Trust! I'm really pleased that someone actually wants me- I've applied for about 15 jobs now and only heard from about 2% of them- either with rejection or telling me that they've received my application and will let me know. Even though I'll be volunteering with the Trust, at least it will get me out of the house etc, and I think they cover transport expenses (don't quote me, but I'm hoping they do). I'm desperate to get some kind of paid work- I'm equally desperate to get shopping, Primark in particular and I want a good rummage in Topshop, plus get some Sleek blusher. 

My room is finished now! I will be posting some pictures of it soon, my favourite item is my new clothes rail (my theory is that if I can see my clothes I'm more likely to wear them ho ho). I'm also doing some archaeology work on Dartmoor with the boy on Thursday and then it's off to the doctors early Friday morning to discuss Diabetes...hmm. Not looking forward to that appointment! 

Enjoy your week!


Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Lovely Bones

I'm really considering this t-shirt by Tee & Cake. I missed out on the infamous Dinosaur one and since they are going for silly money on ebay I think I might go for this instead, plus I prefer dark colours as opposed to white tops- more flattering (I hope!). I'm a big fan of Dinosaurs, I did consider a career as a Paleontologist before I decided on Archaeology, so this top ticks all of the right boxes, even more so since I discovered a knack for Osteology... I can wear this with pride haha!

Continuing on a dino theme, here are a great band I found on Youtube...enjoy!