Monday, 18 June 2012

Weekend post: in the garden

This weekend I went to visit Adam in Dorset. We had some sunshine so decided to go and visit a garden which is in Poole, called Compton Acres, where my dad used to work when he was my age. It was beautiful, broken up into themed gardens such as the Italian garden and the Japanese garden, there was even a wedding going on. I took lots of pictures for my parents to have a look at, so here are a few...

carving inside the grotto

 We also went to Pamp Hill near Wimbourne and stopped at the farm shop where we bumped into my relatives who help run the antique shop there, I bought an antique poison ring which I love- it's very gothic-Victorian era. We also went to visit the beautiful little church there too:

 I might have had a little shopping trip this weekend, I bought a few clothes and beauty bits which I'll show on here later in the week, I'm hoping my bank balance will be ok until next Tuesday, payday seems to have come around quick for once! I'm also on the hunt for another camera (yes, another!), at the moment I like the look of a Nikon D3100, but I have seen a Pentax Q which looks great. I also want to get a polarizing lens to make the light and colour balance better.

 I'm afraid I missed Father's Day, but I left a huge bar of chocolate for him to find, that counts right? Hope everyone had a nice weekend, I'm off to have a large mug of tea and an early night, working nine hours tomorrow is not sounding appealing right now!


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  1. What a gorgeous place!
    I like the 1988 carving, maybe it will still be there in a few years and will look less like graffiti and more like history XD