Tuesday, 31 August 2010


Ok, so I should be doing my dissertation, but researching new hair colours is way more interesting. For a while now I've been loving the white blonde/grey tint trend going on. My hair is pretty short now by my standards- above shoulder length and all the red dye has faded, leaving me with a light red/brown colour. While I quite like this, I still think it's time for a dye trip, and as it's shorter and in a healthier condition than it's been in years, bleaching it may not damage it too much. I think my natural colour is dark brown, to be honest I haven't seen it since I was 13, and I have been blonde before, so I know all about the bleaching/ root touch ups etc. Anyway, I've been looking on the web and here are some examples of the colour...

I think Ellie Goulding has the right balance between blonde and grey (below)- plus it's a look that's more achievable with the help of a toning shampoo, whereas the above image would require a lot more bleach and upkeep.

I have asked a few people how they got their hair to the colour I am after- everyone I asked dyed it themselves- either by bleaching extensively and then over-toning it, or using an ordinary blonde dye and then applying toning shampoo once or twice a week. I think the last method may be better as then if I didn't like the grey effect, it would fade pretty quickly once I omitted the toner.

Lee Stafford Bleach Blondes Shampoo. Tones out yellow from blonde hair and can add a grey tint.

This is just an idea at the moment, as I have no money to go and get my hair professionally bleached- I don't trust myself to do it from scratch at the mo, but maybe after I know how to do it I will have a go... I need it done before Uni starts in October, so I'm going to have to beg for funds :S

Tuesday, 17 August 2010

M.A.C Cosmetics... sheer brilliance

These products are just amazing. Studio Fix foundation has to be the best I have ever used. Covers everything and doesn't dry your skin out. The little eyeshadow pots are genius, and the eyelash curlers make eyes loaded with mascara look even better. The way this company promotes creativity and artistry is wonderful- each new seasonal campaign looks amazing, the way they use colour to promote the art of makeup brings a breath of fresh air to the beauty industry. I always feel that M.A.C and it's products are really accessible to the amateur and professional alike, although I think some of the prices need a little alteration- as a student I can't always afford the most basic items for my makeup bag. Pricing aside though, this is my favorite makeup provider, and it is always a joy to visit their website to see what new delights have become available: visit M.A.C Cosmetics website (UK)
Below are some examples of how visual M.A.C make their campaigns and products. All images from Google Image search or from the link above. Enjoy!

M.A.C Fifi range

Studio Fix Foundation

M.A.C and Liberty campaign

Sunday, 15 August 2010

Stoneham Garden Arboretum

'Sea Waste'

Attempt at outfit showcase

Mini picnic

First musings...

Oohoo! My first post! Apologies for any odd words/ images- I'm still getting used to this blogging business... Not sure how I will get photographs on here yet, but I will give it a shot later on. Today I'm attempting to channel Alexa Chung- if she had faded red hair which has gone slightly crazy (the downside of red hair dye, if you have any good suggestions for makes of dye with a little staying power- please comment!). I have on a blue and white Asos swallow print blouse, some denim shorts, opaque tights and a skinny brown leather belt. I shall be wearing my beloved Allsaints boots later to a sculpture garden near where I live. The weather today is predictably dull and overcast, so I shall break out a cardigan and my trusty parka. I'm after a cable knit cream cardi from Topshop. £48- a bit steep for knitwear, but better than Next's version (£70!!!!!). Below: Topshop's version. Yum.

However, the top of my wish list is this adorable bundle: the pug. Although I can't have one as a student- no time or money- one day I will hopefully add one of these cuties to my life. Quite an expensive item, so I need a job! For now I'll content myself with staring at this...

Hope you enjoy my first forced thoughts- in time they will hopefully get better!