Saturday, 30 July 2011

The Graduate

I can officially call myself an Archaeologist and put BA after my name! I graduated on Thursday 28th July and it went very well, apart from the silly 'professional' photographer lady telling me that I had to smile and 'show some teeth', what a bloody cheek. I didn't get one of her pictures naturally. Anyway, it was a very long and tiring day but I'm glad I went, it was a great experience!
I've also put some pictures of my MAC box that came a while ago, I've done a more in-depth post on my beauty blog, so please have a look :) The best product is the Mineralize Skinfinish- if you're looking for a powder with coverage and longevity that also gives you a natural yet luminous finish (yep, it can do all this) then go for it!
I shall be in Dorset until mid-week and I'm not taking my laptop- I'm quite looking forward to not logging on/checking stuff for a while, and maybe when I return I might have a few job offers (fingers and toes crossed, I really need some cash). Me and the boy have also booked a week away in October in a really nice little cottage near Bath, it's so much cheaper to go at that time and I'm looking forward to exploring that area of the country.
Life is good!
Over and out.

Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Mr Sunshine

Coral- Barry M. On feet throughout post.

Red Glitter- Barry M. Two coats used here.

Firstly, sorry for multiple foot shots, I wanted to demonstrate how nice this coral shade is on the toes, especially after whacking on some St Moritz a few days ago. I bought some Red Glitter polish for my friends bday and had to get some for myself too- it goes on quite sheer, so would probably look better layered over another colour, but I applied two coats and it looks quite thick, very Christmassy haha, but I couldn't wait 5 months to try it out...

I was really sad to hear about Amy Winehouse, such great style and that voice! I'm listening to her as I type and reminiscing, you'll be really missed Amy, RIP.

Today I'm relaxing and trying to decide what to put on my nails for graduation tomorrow, 5:30am start which I am not looking forward to, but it will be really nice to see everyone again. Kind of dreading having to stand up in front of everyone, at least I'm not alone! Well done to everyone who's already graduated! Hoping it won't be as hot as today, although I don't want it to rain, is that too much to ask?

I've done a post on daily makeup on my other blog, have a peek!

Enjoy the sunshine, is summer finally here...?!


Friday, 22 July 2011

Topshop Love
I have a lot of time for this dress, it sums up the perfect 'vintage' style dress for me- short sleeves, belted and cute little gold buttons. And that print! And of course, I never bought it when it came out because I'm an idiot, and now I've only seen it for sale in the petite section. Arghhhh. This always happens! They've brought it out with a really cute bunny print on and also a b&w floral version, but these recent additions don't seem quite as good. Sigh.

On a different topic, I have started a new blog! It's all about makeup, hair/skin care, nail polish etc, I wanted to keep those topics separate from this one, as I want this to be about more 'everyday' stuff etc. Please have a look and tell me what you think- although bear with me while I play around with the appearance and actually manage to get some posts up.

As previously mentioned I am off out in Exeter tomorrow night for some Roman themed antics- I'm expecting the usual mortifying pictures which seem to occur after a few glasses of vino- haha!

Enjoy your weekend!


Thursday, 21 July 2011

Big Apple

Just some pictures documenting mine and the boys visit to a National Trust house in Cornwall. Cotehele is amazing, such a nice house and garden with a really cool giant hand/apple sculpture in the new orchard. I can also recommend the Cornish mussels in cider lunch I've had in a long time mmmmm. It's a shame it rained...but that's what always happens! I found a job for the house online, so fingers crossed- one day I could be working here! I spent today filling in job applications, one is for an archaeologist for Exmoor National Park which would be amazing to do...I wish. Tomorrow I will be re-painting my nails and fake tanning in prep for my friend's bday party (toga partyyyy) on Saturday night, should be a right laugh! Anyway, piccy time:

In this last picture, facebook automatically tagged it- putting a box in the top left hand corner- I was a bit freaked out thinking I'd taken one of those scary pictures that have something nasty in them when you develop it but had nothing in them when they were taken if that makes sense. I have had a good look and can't see anything weird, hopefully it's just facebook getting too excited about tagging my pictures...


Monday, 18 July 2011

Corals and Peaches

Just a small update to show off my new nail varnishes- Peach Melba and Coral by Barry M. Peach Melba seems to be pretty popular on the blog scene at the min, but I can see why. Coral shouldn't really be entitled 'Coral' at all IMO, as it goes on quite sheer (I needed two coats to make it an acceptable opaque) and has more red in it than pink, the end result is really nice, it reminds me of a 1950s red/fake glace cherries etc. Highly recommended!
Peach Melba is also lovely, again quite sheer and required two coats, the end effect is a pinky nude and I think I'll use it as a base for an alternative leopard print nail. Because I am impatient I alternated the colours on my hand, I really like it- nice bright nails for a change as I usually prefer a darker nail but these two polishes are great for summer and will hopefully translate well to my feet...

Sorry about the lighting, I chose a miserable day to take the pictures.

Peach Melba. Image: Polyvore.
Coral. Image: Polyvore.

All images below- my own:

I'm planning on doing an update post on recent purchases soon, but my bf is staying for the next 4 days :D I'm really hoping that this awful weather will disappear as I really wanted to go to the beach one day. Fingers crossed...


Wednesday, 13 July 2011


I have a new(ish) car! So good to be back on the road- it has a cassette player- well retro... I'm going to see the midnight screening of Harry Potter tomorrow- I'll probably cry all the way through, it feels like such an end of an era, and the reviews have been amazing so I'm expecting great things, including a verrrrrrry hot Rupert Grint. Get in.

I only found out that The Horrors released a new album (Skying) on Monday, you can listen to it free on their website- it's quite similar to their second album and SO different from the first (bit sad about that, got to love a bit of Victorian/Punk/60's Mod, especially on such yummy boys). Sigh.

I've sold quite a bit on ebay recently and managed to make over £80, so if the job hunt fails (which it is so far) I'm going to become some sort of ebay tycoon- not sure if I can afford to part with anymore clothes though!

No pictures today, well except for this genius photograph of a pug in front of a heater- blates the me of the dog world...

source: tumblr.
Anyway, I'll leave you with the subject of my title, by the amazing Fleet Foxes who cannot seem to write a bad song in my opinion.

Fleet Foxes- Mykonos


Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Vintage Photographs

I discovered these yesterday in an old barn where my Dad works. They were all in a pile on the floor gathering damp and dust, so I did the decent thing and rescued them. I think my favorite is the lamp post scene. I love the rounded edges that some of them have, I wonder if it's still possible to do that now...? The blurry one is actually blurred, not a representation of my photography skillzzz.

I experimented with leopard print nails yesterday too, using my old eyeliner wand. It turned out ok, but I think finding an old, thin paintbrush might be a plan. Once I have mastered this I will do a post on it. Off to drink tea now and do nothing for the day, maybe I'll make a cake :)


Monday, 4 July 2011

'Paint Splat' Nails

Two posts in one day- this demonstrates how much time I have on my hands, mustn't complain though! I thought I'd try out some nail art today, starting with a relatively simple 'splatter' effect, very Jackson Pollock... It was quite easy and fun to do, and only two nails didn't turn out how I wanted which can't be too bad for my first attempt :) It was also a good opportunity to try out my new pastel lilac Barry M varnish- yum! All of the varnish used here is by Barry M, with the exception being the gold which is by beauty UK. I used the lilac as a base coat and then splodged on different colours, making them into a spatter by dragging the sides out with a cocktail stick and adding smaller dots with the point.

My next project will be leopard print, but I need a fine brush or something to paint on the darker outlines of the spots etc, maybe my old eyeliner wand will do...? Anyway, I will go and drink tea now and read some Tintin books (massive fan/geek of these, and I personally cannot wait for the film to come out). Goodnight!


Grow Your Own

Dartmoor National Park

As promised, some pictures of my family's allotment, plus a few of the other people's on the site. I spent the whole of Sunday there, and managed to get very badly sunburnt, seriously- I can hardly move today- lesson learned. Anyway, the weather was fab, and so was eating the strawberries etc that we grow there- I feel really lucky that we are able to grow and eat so much of our own food. Our own garden isn't right for growing vegetables, but we are hoping to move soon to somewhere where we can grow them nearer the house, instead of trekking over the other side of town. Then I can fufill my dream of having a few chickens! I think it's quite refreshing to post about something other than clothes/make up etc, although I did manage to get hold of a lilac pastel nail varnish by Barry M on Saturday so I expect a post on that won't be far away...
I hope everyone reading this enjoyed the weekend and the amazing weather :)