Sunday, 4 December 2011

Agfa Optima 1a

Picked this little 1970s film camera up on ebay last week, a real little gem. Doesn't require a battery, only a roll of film and good light. It's way more basic than my Pentax, but no less charming. The carry case is rather cute too- real German leather. I'm looking forward to getting this film developed, although I'm not sure that I have the correct film for the ASA/ISO settings...oh well, the unpredictable joys of film!

I worked for an hour today- didn't seem worth it at all, but it's double pay so not all bad. Going Christmas shopping tomorrow, and I'll be having a cheeky look in the new Urban Outfitters, just might have to buy something out of principle ;) I've also got a ton of MAC stuff coming in the post, they also sent me a free mascara which I'm looking forward to using. Might also have a peek at the Barry M Lip Paints tomorrow too, there's a particular nude shade I'm interested in- sorry bank balance.


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