Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Relics to Ruins

L-R: Shroom, Espresso, Beauty Marked, All That Glitters


This awaited my arrive home from work yesterday, made my day. I'm aiming to build up a 15 palette, but a quad will do for now- LOVE all the colours. Don't let Beauty Marked fool you- it's actually more of a charcoal on the skin with hardly any shimmer, but still beautiful- much easier to wear than an all over black lid. Zoom Lash is something I want to own in full size- separates my lashes perfectly and doesn't end up down my lower lid at the end of the day- totally recommend! Melba is for me, a less coral version of Benefit's Coralista, it stays amazingly well on my skin and doesn't wear off easily, something that I found Coralista does.
Went Christmas shopping on Monday- spent an obscene amount of cash and only bought two presents- the rest for myself...OOPS. Will show everything I got on here soon I expect. I didn't buy anything at Urban Outfitters, wayyyyy too pricey although I could have happily bought the whole shop- might have to beg for a few things for Xmas, including the Diana Lomography camera- amazing.

It's my brother's birthday tonight, so I've been making one of my infamous chocolate cakes, complete with wonky smartie writing haha! Time to get fat!


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