Wednesday, 14 December 2011

tea for two

all images via my pentax film camera. More on my flickr.
I love film. Over 10 of these didn't develop properly today due to light leaks, so I'm hoping it's an error on my part and that my camera isn't on its last legs. Hoping the next roll of film is more successful, although some of the light leaked pics turned out pretty cool (personally I think it's down to my high level of skill HA. Not). The last picture is of the vicarage near my house, I'd buy it like a shot if I had the cash- it oozes gothic charm and has grave stones in the garden lawn (built on an old part of the churchyard), suitably creepy, imagine the halloween parties you could host...

My last day of being 21 tomorrow. I hate getting old, love the presents though!



  1. Really lovely photos. i miss film and getting photos processed. (ps. hope you had a lovely birthday) x