Monday, 12 December 2011

new beginnings

all pictures via my Instagram
01. Some of you might notice that my blog looks a little different- I've been playing around with backgrounds and html all morning and this is the result, a bit more 'me' than previously and I'm happy with it- also finally figured out how to make some pretty nifty headers via Picnik, and it's free, so even better!

02. Spent today trying to come up with some new blog content too, I might get into the habit of posting a 'picture of the week' or something creative like that, or a weekly portrait, or even a wardrobe raid- this might help me work out what lurks in my wardrobe and it also might be a good way to force me to wear some stuff more often. Anyway, I'm sure I'll figure something out!

03. A new year (almost), a new look for my blog- I'm quite excited, and it's made me look forward to blogging and showing my photography again- just finished my Pentax film up so I'll get that developed in the week. I'm also going to be getting back into drawing/creating stuff again, so that can also appear on here too :) 

04. Pictures of food: I've been seeing these all over Tumblr, and I love them- I took one of my lunch today (curried carrot & lentil soup with homemade cheese scones if you were curious) and I've taken some too on my film cameras- might make a project of this, we'll see.

05. Now I've throughly covered my new blog look I'll leave you to have a browse. Thanks for looking :)


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