Sunday, 11 December 2011

onwards & upwards

cat-sitting, stuffed squash, Picframe app results, emo-ing it up via Photobooth, film beauties.
After catching up on some blogs today (I would rather have snow in December than disgusting drizzle thank you very much), I started thinking about my own blog and how for a while, I haven't been entirely happy with it. It's not the whole concept of blogging which is making me unhappy, it's more that I feel that my own blog doesn't really reflect 'who I am' and I want to change this. So... I will be giving this little site a complete revamp, name and all. I have a few ideas and I'm excited to try these out and see where they take me, even if not a lot of people read or visit- for me that's not what blogging is about, I'm not obsessed with gathering a huge following and a million comments, (of course it's nice to know and see that people do look at/read what I ramble on about), but I started blogging as a platform to show the world what I like and what interests me.
 Recently I feel that my blog has gone away from this, I want to show more of my photography attempts and my arty/creative side, maybe some more 'fashion' posts might appear, but we shall see. You might be thinking 'isn't that on here already?', well, maybe some of that is, but it's more of a personal opinion and feeling of mine, and I'll feel better making a new page layout/header and giving my blog an update a massive overhaul. If you do read it/have a peek once in a while (thank you!), stay tuned- I will return soon!
I feel a lot better after typing all that and I hope it makes sense and that I covered everything :)
Now, to google the mysterious workings of html!


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