Thursday, 29 December 2011

galaxy/starry nails...

Step 1: select nail varnish. I chose Rimmel polish in Disco Ball & No7 polish in Betty Blues.
I used false nails for this look as I find it easier and less messy this way, plus they can dry without smudging. I used two nail varnishes for this look, although I've seen some more complex tutorials that involve sponges/cocktail sticks- basically I wanted to make mine less fiddly and quicker to do! I buy my false nails on ebay- European ones- and they work out at about £3.50 for 200 which is pretty good, they require some shaping but for that money you can't really go wrong.

Step 2: paint nails.
Paint your nails/false ones. I used two coats of the dark blue polish to get a good opaque covering- you could use black if you want a 'night sky look', but I prefer blue. When it's all dry, I applied 2-3 coats of glitter polish and let that dry too. Then apply a top coat of you want, I find that my false nails stay chip free, but it might be best to apply one to natural nails.

Step 3: apply nails if using false ones!
This is my new brush on nail glue from elegant touch- find it at Boots & Superdrug. Just a warning- when I removed my false nails, the leftover glue on my natural nails stank... I found washing my hands with really strong soap did the trick, but I'm not sure why it smells- something in the glue?! I do have clean hands normally...promise!

Step 4/5: enjoy!

There we go- 'galaxy' nails! Hope that was enjoyable/easy to do- it's just a quick alternative and I think it looks quite pretty, plus you can apply less or more glitter depending on how 'starry' you want them to be. :)

I was off from work today with a migraine that started last night- it was terrible, lights in front of my eyes, my head felt like it was pulsing. It's only just worn off, so hopefully I'll be back at work tomorrow to earn some more money. Time for some tea and pringles- we only have them at Christmas (soooo deprived) so I'm making the most of them haha.


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