Saturday, 2 July 2011

Lost Coastlines

A 2:1!!!! Hooray!! I am very pleased! Just got to get through my Graduation ceremony later in July and then Uni will be over forever (or until I decide to immerse myself in an MA).

I am back home in Devon now, trying to sort out a huge roomful of stuff that I seem to have collected over the past 3 years, then it's time to re-decorate and move into my large new room :)

I also managed to get some new glasses today- my old ones are losing the enamel and making the bridge of my nose sore, so while my mum went for an eye test I browsed the glasses and discovered some £25 ones- they are very 'geek chic' and remind me of vintage style frames, I can't find the exact ones online and the ones I got are darker tortoiseshell on top that fade to a lighter brown at the bottom- much nicer than I can describe- but the picture below demonstrates the shape.

Image via specsavers
I also tried to apply for a job on the Boots website today, got halfway through applying and was then asked if I had any previous experience in this area of expertise, I clicked 'no' and was instantly logged out- not very amused- that should have been the first question and then I could have saved half an hour of my life! I hate online applications- the ones for Next and Debenhams are equally awful...
Anyway, I shall be outside on my parents's allotment tomorrow- trying to get a real tan, I might take my camera so I can bore you with photographs of vegetables haha.



  1. Congratulations on your degree, you must be so happy! Good luck with the job applications, they sound so time-consuming xx

  2. Thank you! I am verrrry happy with it :) Job hunting is something I'm not looking forward to- maybe something will find me instead? x

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