Monday, 18 July 2011

Corals and Peaches

Just a small update to show off my new nail varnishes- Peach Melba and Coral by Barry M. Peach Melba seems to be pretty popular on the blog scene at the min, but I can see why. Coral shouldn't really be entitled 'Coral' at all IMO, as it goes on quite sheer (I needed two coats to make it an acceptable opaque) and has more red in it than pink, the end result is really nice, it reminds me of a 1950s red/fake glace cherries etc. Highly recommended!
Peach Melba is also lovely, again quite sheer and required two coats, the end effect is a pinky nude and I think I'll use it as a base for an alternative leopard print nail. Because I am impatient I alternated the colours on my hand, I really like it- nice bright nails for a change as I usually prefer a darker nail but these two polishes are great for summer and will hopefully translate well to my feet...

Sorry about the lighting, I chose a miserable day to take the pictures.

Peach Melba. Image: Polyvore.
Coral. Image: Polyvore.

All images below- my own:

I'm planning on doing an update post on recent purchases soon, but my bf is staying for the next 4 days :D I'm really hoping that this awful weather will disappear as I really wanted to go to the beach one day. Fingers crossed...


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