Saturday, 30 July 2011

The Graduate

I can officially call myself an Archaeologist and put BA after my name! I graduated on Thursday 28th July and it went very well, apart from the silly 'professional' photographer lady telling me that I had to smile and 'show some teeth', what a bloody cheek. I didn't get one of her pictures naturally. Anyway, it was a very long and tiring day but I'm glad I went, it was a great experience!
I've also put some pictures of my MAC box that came a while ago, I've done a more in-depth post on my beauty blog, so please have a look :) The best product is the Mineralize Skinfinish- if you're looking for a powder with coverage and longevity that also gives you a natural yet luminous finish (yep, it can do all this) then go for it!
I shall be in Dorset until mid-week and I'm not taking my laptop- I'm quite looking forward to not logging on/checking stuff for a while, and maybe when I return I might have a few job offers (fingers and toes crossed, I really need some cash). Me and the boy have also booked a week away in October in a really nice little cottage near Bath, it's so much cheaper to go at that time and I'm looking forward to exploring that area of the country.
Life is good!
Over and out.

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