Wednesday, 13 July 2011


I have a new(ish) car! So good to be back on the road- it has a cassette player- well retro... I'm going to see the midnight screening of Harry Potter tomorrow- I'll probably cry all the way through, it feels like such an end of an era, and the reviews have been amazing so I'm expecting great things, including a verrrrrrry hot Rupert Grint. Get in.

I only found out that The Horrors released a new album (Skying) on Monday, you can listen to it free on their website- it's quite similar to their second album and SO different from the first (bit sad about that, got to love a bit of Victorian/Punk/60's Mod, especially on such yummy boys). Sigh.

I've sold quite a bit on ebay recently and managed to make over £80, so if the job hunt fails (which it is so far) I'm going to become some sort of ebay tycoon- not sure if I can afford to part with anymore clothes though!

No pictures today, well except for this genius photograph of a pug in front of a heater- blates the me of the dog world...

source: tumblr.
Anyway, I'll leave you with the subject of my title, by the amazing Fleet Foxes who cannot seem to write a bad song in my opinion.

Fleet Foxes- Mykonos


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