Monday, 4 July 2011

'Paint Splat' Nails

Two posts in one day- this demonstrates how much time I have on my hands, mustn't complain though! I thought I'd try out some nail art today, starting with a relatively simple 'splatter' effect, very Jackson Pollock... It was quite easy and fun to do, and only two nails didn't turn out how I wanted which can't be too bad for my first attempt :) It was also a good opportunity to try out my new pastel lilac Barry M varnish- yum! All of the varnish used here is by Barry M, with the exception being the gold which is by beauty UK. I used the lilac as a base coat and then splodged on different colours, making them into a spatter by dragging the sides out with a cocktail stick and adding smaller dots with the point.

My next project will be leopard print, but I need a fine brush or something to paint on the darker outlines of the spots etc, maybe my old eyeliner wand will do...? Anyway, I will go and drink tea now and read some Tintin books (massive fan/geek of these, and I personally cannot wait for the film to come out). Goodnight!


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