Tuesday, 21 June 2011


Last ever week at Uni and in my house. Tonight I'm starting to pack up my room, it's going to look very strange and unloved by Friday... I got my dissertation back- a high 2:1, not quite the first I was convinced I deserved, but I really can't complain with the end result- looks like I'll get a good 2:1 overall which is brilliant- going to pick up my actual degree results on Friday morning! Ahhh butterflies have kicked in already!
I have started a serious fitness/weight loss regime- no idea why I didn't start it sooner, I'm pleasantly surprised to discover that I'm enjoying it! We go power walking/jogging most mornings which makes me feel really refreshed for the day, and today I invested in some little weights to tone up my fatty arms. I am not sure what will happen when I get back home- we jog on the common here where loads of people do the same and don't give you a second glance, back at home it will be more difficult as I don't live near anywhere where lots of people exercise if that makes sense, it's all roads- not somewhere you can go for a quiet run. We'll have to see. I am determined to keep it up! In regards to weight loss, a dress size will do, I'm not one to go mad and resembling a stick wouldn't suit me- being a size 10 is actually physically impossible due to how I'm built and I would look ill. The real aim of all of this is to tone up and get fitter, if I lose weight in the process then great- it would be an added bonus!
We went into town today to pick up my weights and accidently went into Primark (looking for a new shower curtain) and found some chino shorts. Then we popped into H&M and I finally found the perfect camel cardigan (basics section), I am going to change the buttons for something a bit more 'vintage' looking.
In regards to my Mini- I can't sell her. It doesn't feel right. Some might say 'it's only a car'. Jog on, unless you've owned a mini then you won't understand, it really is a way of life- they attract so much positive attention, and are part of a huge social scene. I've been having a good think about what is the right thing to do... My plan is to get her fixed asap, get a decent job to fund this and the upkeep and then me and the boy are (hopefully, please god of cars hear me now etc) hitting the London to Brighton Run next year (google it). If all goes well it will be AMAZING. Cannot wait.
Apologies for the lack of any pictures in here, this is just a general update on how I'm feeling/what I'm thinking at the moment. I'm sure some pictures will appear soon, I would like to work out how to get a decent outfit post!

Anyway, if you're still reading this, thank you :) I will stop rambling and start to pack up my room/life into boxes. Wish me luck. my parents are going to despair at the amount of stuff I've gathered over 3 years. HA.



  1. Hey, just discovered your blog :)

    If you really think you deserve a first for your dissertation then you should ask for it to be looked at again and reconsidered! You should get the grade you deserve! It could have just been bad timing when the markers were tired after marking a million dissertations or something!


  2. Hello, thanks for the follow! :) After reading the comments that the markers made I think they were right- I could, looking back, have put more into it. Oh well, I am happy with the mark and there is always time to do a MA and improve on it :)