Thursday, 21 July 2011

Big Apple

Just some pictures documenting mine and the boys visit to a National Trust house in Cornwall. Cotehele is amazing, such a nice house and garden with a really cool giant hand/apple sculpture in the new orchard. I can also recommend the Cornish mussels in cider lunch I've had in a long time mmmmm. It's a shame it rained...but that's what always happens! I found a job for the house online, so fingers crossed- one day I could be working here! I spent today filling in job applications, one is for an archaeologist for Exmoor National Park which would be amazing to do...I wish. Tomorrow I will be re-painting my nails and fake tanning in prep for my friend's bday party (toga partyyyy) on Saturday night, should be a right laugh! Anyway, piccy time:

In this last picture, facebook automatically tagged it- putting a box in the top left hand corner- I was a bit freaked out thinking I'd taken one of those scary pictures that have something nasty in them when you develop it but had nothing in them when they were taken if that makes sense. I have had a good look and can't see anything weird, hopefully it's just facebook getting too excited about tagging my pictures...


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