Monday, 9 January 2012


 I've been a bit slack on posting, sorry little blog, have some pictures of some new additions to my room :) My bf got me some jewellery hangers for Christmas/bday that I badly needed, plus a lovely tea themed picture! I've been picking up some more bits and bobs and it's all coming on nicely- just got to get on with my film picture collage and it will be nearly finished.

Not much new stuff to report, as usual I've been working away and saving. My mini will be up for sale soon, so that will give me some more cash, plus I need to clear out my clothing stash and put that on ebay to make some more pennies. I am saving for another mini, a cooper. I need around 4k saved so it won't be for a while, but it'll be so nice to own and pay for my own car (and on one of these I can actually afford tax & insurance)- bit of an achievement for someone like me who is appalling at saving... roll on six months.

I think the highlight of my week has been buying a filofax (yes my life is that dull) for £3 instead of £13.99- the idiotic shop assistant couldn't read the price tag so I didn't argue... it's a very nice pocket sized red one, I have never owned a hand bag-sized diary so this seems like a good investment. I haven't bought any clothes for ages- my last purchase was before Christmas- a very expensive Topshop coat which I am now thinking of putting on ebay as I only wear the fur stole off of it, and the shape of the coat doesn't suit me- I'll be cheekily keeping the fur though!

We are currently cat sitting again, he really thinks he's a dog as he lives with one normally, and is addicted to catnip and sleeping on my bed- it's so nice to have a cat again, if only for a short while.  Hopefully when we move we can have a permanent one again :)

Going to my friend's house on Thursday evening for wine and chatting- cannot wait to see some much missed faces!


My post title is referring to a new program coming to bbc1 this year, based on a book by Sebastian Faulks. It looks amazing and I need to read it before I see it!

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