Sunday, 20 November 2011


I love my pentax

mint & blueberry meringues that turned out to be MASSIVE

all pictures (apart from 1-2) are from tumblr/google images
Some wonderful, lovely pictures for you. I've been going mad with my cameras today, so soon I can put some more of my own up. I can't find the original sources to the above as I download and store them for my own reference (sorry!), but if any are yours then please let me know :)

Lots of cooking went on today, even though I picked up a nasty stomach bug at work yesterday- seems to have been a 24hr thing though. Tomorrow I'm working from 5pm onwards (apparently until 10pm) as we have a large stock count to do, not getting paid either, just a day off in December which is apparently a massive deal- I'd honestly rather have the money but I suppose I get to have my birthday off next month- still, I think Lloyds are taking the piss, and also advantage of us...grumble.

Already seen some blog posts on this month's Glossybox, bit of a 'meh' one coming I think, unless some of the products turn out to be life changers...apparently they've promised us a very special box for Christmas, so maybe that will be a good one!
I'm also thinking of starting a Lookbook account, thinking about it though, it's just having the time! I really feel like a holiday- roll on New Year!


P.S. How cute are those pugs?? Mine will be like that one day haha!

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