Monday, 7 November 2011

Little things

Primark cardigan, ASOS dress, Barry M Mint green nail polish

Dorothy Perkins jumper & dress

Eylure 107 lashes, Barry M silver foil nail polish and Nails Inc. Basil Street polish (free)

Duac Skin lotion (prescription only), Garnier BB cream in Light

Just a few new things I've accumulated over the past weeks, also got some more new stuff coming from ASOS haha... Work has been busy this week, and so has my life to some extent, with doctors appointments and family arguments over moving house, but I still feel quite dissatisfied with my situation at the moment, everyone else seems to be moving out/away from here, doing interesting stuff and getting interesting jobs. I just seem to be floating around with no real purpose or direction, I think I'm missing the freedom and independence of University. Anyway, enough moping, I just hope that this time next year I'll be somewhere different and more exciting...
I finally got somewhere to sorting out my 'problem skin'. Apparently my hormones are faulty, so they can't really do much about that but I now have some seriously strong antibiotic gel (Duac Once Daily- on prescription only) to help keep spots at bay. It really dries the skin out, making it tight, flaky and itchy- I feel so sorry for people who have this all the time. These symptoms should disappear in 2 weeks though as my skin should get used to the peroxide (bit scary). To help my skin along (you can't use oily makeup while using the gel), I invested in the BB cream from Garnier, it's very moisturising and smells lovely. It doesn't really cover up blemishes but gives light coverage to the skin without any 'cakey' feeling. I would recommend this to anyone who wants a good tinted moisturiser, or a light foundation that helps counteract dry skin. I apply it using a foundation kabuki brush, but you can use your hands if you prefer.
I also got some new eyelashes today, 107s from Eylure. I accidently hoovered my old ones up! I also picked up the Barry M silver foil nail varnish, to be honest I wanted a silver and this happened to be on the shelf, can't say it resembles tin foil, but it is a lovely silver shade. If you get Glamour this month there's a free full size Nails Inc. varnish included, I already had the red shade from a previous collaboration, so I opted for a nice nude/brown (actually nicer than how I've described it...). I'm also contemplating on going back to blonde now I have money. Decisions, decisions!


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