Thursday, 6 January 2011

Two. Zero. One. One.

You may be glad to know that I am not going to go all emo on here today. My life is not over, I just have to actually work, although I'm on here...hmmm. When all the work is in I will feel loads better, get some sleep, and have a bit of relaxation time with some tea. Went to the pub last night with some lovely people, one of whom was wearing some demonic wolf earrings (see, told you I'd type that Coopy), while I didn't get a picture of them I did manage to document just how many lime and lemonade/soda's we consumed haaaa. Refreshing. I've put them together with some pics from New Year and some other randoms- nearly all in Hipstamatic format. Yes, I know I'm obsessed but it's amazingggggg!! Anyway, I need to stop procrastinating and actually type something useful or I shall fail. Although if I direct my tutor to here and show them the effort I put into my blog maybe I will get TOP MARKS. Maybe? No? Thought not. Oh well, enjoy....

New Year. We got ready in a shop haha.

demonic earring owner

'Apartheid and Economy' errgh.

Much better!

Back to Uni on Sunday. Back to the library, deadlines, money issues. But... back to the boy! YES! Who sent me Agent Provocateur today. LOVE.


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