Thursday, 13 January 2011

Face off.

I use most of this everyday

m.a.c eyelash curlers- best ever.

£2 face powder sample from ebay- great product!


better than studio fix- it really is lightweight

vintage compact

last 3 shots- experimenting with the flash/ b&w setting
I thought I'd share some of my makeup collection, and there's loads more, my makeup bag is a fat one. I use most of the things in the group shot everyday, except the powder and red lipstick- I prefer the lip stain to the left of it (above). The Chanel powder was a really cheap unused sample from ebay, despite being small it lasts for ages, and it doesn't have a name on the bottom so I can't get any more :( I will be investing in some new makeup on Sunday, more mascara, eye liner and maybe some more eyeshadow- I don't own enough of that. I might get some translucent powder too, plus a decent powder brush- one of the huge fluffy ones, I love them! They're just so...fluffy! Anyway, I need to try and sleep, although I am so nervous for tomorrow, I've only practiced reading through my presentation once, might inflict the boy with it again before bed, poor thing.


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