Sunday, 23 January 2011

Priceless...? Kind of!

I thought I would just do a quick post on my most recent pair of shoes- good break from revision too. I heard about Priceless Shoes from a few other blogs and some people at Uni, so I headed to their website. I bought a pair of grey ankle boots, I used to have some brown leather ones that were really similar from New Look but they fell apart sadly, as they went with anything. These new ones were £18 and if you spend over £15 then delivery is only £1.99 to the UK and Ireland. Pretty good for a student budget!

Yikes, flash ON is definitely better...

I got a size 9- I have massive feet, it used to really bother me, but I can fit an 8 in most shops- New Look is the best, so maybe my feet have shrunk?! haha. Anyway, these are a bit big, but a thick sock will sort that out. If you're feeling a bit poor, and want some guilt-free shoe shopping then I urge you to check them out, they do some quite good Topshop knock-offs as well. Sadly I cannot find any Topshop knock-off moccasins- I think £30 for a pair is a bit steep at the mo, even though they come in dark blue or dove grey- lovely. Images courtesy of

 I will have to keep searching. Sigh. 
Back to revision, I am so looking forward to the end of Thursday and freedom for 4 days, hopefully I can get out and take some pictures :)


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