Tuesday, 18 January 2011


Tim Walker


Shed Chic

This picture has been on my wall since the age of 14. Nine Black Alps. Underrated.


fashiontoast. yum.

One day...

natural science. I <3 Darwin

She's up there with Marylin I'd say

The Vines. Also underrated.

I own a similar one, currently on a lawn, hopefully soon on the road.
All images: Google Image Search
 Just a few interesting pictures to get me through revision. More time soon I hope, for my own pictures. I'd like a Lookbook, but... I don't know, not too confident on that front. We'll see. Anyway, I have some more followers, thank you very much it does mean a lot! :D
 Off to create a revision page now, lots of connected boxes with scribbles in, hopefully I'll remember it all! The quote in the post below is from an inside page from one of my archaeology books, I think it sums up why I find looking into the past so interesting, and I love the imagery it creates. Annnnnd: I got Polyvore, such a productive use of my time haaaaaha, but its FUN, and that's what counts, anyway now I won't have to go trawling for a picture of a piece of clothing I like, and there's a clipper tool which lets you 'cut' out pictures of clothing from a site so you can put it on Polyvore. Niceee. Anyway, distractions will have to wait, three exams await me aiieeeeee :( Laters!


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