Thursday, 2 December 2010


It snowed!!!! We finally got a decent amount- over 8 inches! It started about 11pm last night and we were out in it until 12:30. Today and tomorrow University will be closed as they didn't grit the roads. Shame. We went to the pub for lunch and then went to the Common- it looked SO amazing, there are paths with street lamps just like Narnia, the snow makes everything beautiful, definitely my favourite type of weather. Now I am back in my warm room with a huge mug of earl grey and the day off tomorrow. Life is good!


The Common

These genius's built an igloo!
Can't wait to go out in it again tomorrow- hopefully to the old churchyard which will look amazing in the snow. I swear I become a child again in these weather conditions! I'm also feeling the need for some fluffy ear-muffs haha!


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