Sunday, 28 November 2010

Snow please...

I want it to snowww. It is SO cold here, and my room is the coldest in the house as its the biggest. On the plus side, it will give me an excuse to wear my leopard print coat from New Look. I know a lot of people have it, but its just...great, and very cozy! That makes my coat collection up to 10...humm, may have to sell some on ebay soon. I also got a lovely deep red velvet dress from the same place today too- not bad when I'm meant to be writing an essay for Tuesday.

Anyway, talking of work, here are some photographs from the excavation I was involved in during the summer of 2009. To graduate we have to complete 4 weeks of field work at the end of our first year. The dig seems so long ago! It was fun, but I don't think I'm cut out for digging, I'm more of a 'research archaeologist'- in a warm room with books and tea! We had a great month at Tidegrove Warren Farm, near Basingstoke, apart from the awful tea quality. I'm blogging about this as I wanted my blog not just to be about fashion etc, as many blogs are, but to show what my degree is about and what I want out of it, after all, it is what is hopefully going to get me a job (although I am not counting on this). The site was a Romano-British farmstead with a Medieval settlement close by, sadly Indiana Jones did not make an appearance, as I am quite partial to a bit of Harrison Ford. Sigh. 

Fox bones

Mixed bone, pottery and stone artefacts

The errm...wonderful tea facilities

The plan two of us drew in 3 days, of every little bit of stone and flint. Brilliant use of mugs.

Our cross-section trench on solid chalk

Excavation of a wall
I didn't get a lot of pictures, mainly because I was in that trench for 3 weeks. Seriously. And when you were in it you were below ground level- getting out was a little insane...
Hope you enjoyed this little snap shot of what I get up to on my course, now I have to write 2000 words on Bronze Age hoards. Joy.


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