Friday, 3 December 2010

Cardigan Love

I went Christmas shopping today, only managed to get two things out of about 10, and got very distracted in Primark and in River Island by this...

Ok, RUBBISH image, the ones on the River Island site wouldn't load, but it is a great piece of knitwear. It looks so much better in reality, it's a really heavy material and feels pretty warm. The back detail is amazing, sort of a long, heart-shaped ladder, brilliant detailing. A bit out of my price range- £39.99, at the moment Primark is more friendly with my bank balance. So unfair since I went into Topshop today and all of their new stuff is lush! If I could live in that shop then I so would haha! No more wardrobe dilemmas! The snow in town was either all horrible gray slush, or solid ice, it made running for the bus a bit of a mission. I also purchased a rather lovely long nude blouse with lace detail in Primark for a tenner- bargain. Along with this I raided their Christmas section and came away with a box of 50 garishly coloured gift tags, bows and ribbon, plus some wrapping paper for £1, not bad colours either! Now I have no excuse to wrap my presents, last year I used newspaper, but I am so rubbish at wrapping, it looks such a mess. If I had a job I would get everything gift wrapped- maybe next year...



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