Friday, 17 December 2010


London. British Museum. 16/12/2010. 21st birthday eek! I feel quite old :( Went to Rokit- bit disappointed really, too pricey and some of the items weren't worth £30 +, even if they were vintage. Urban Outfitters is lovely, shame about the prices... I wanted to buy everything!
Pictures: mostly archaeology stuff with quite a few of shiny things that I wanted to steal haha. Again, the iPhone quality let some of them down- not long until I get my camera!

Huge Christmassy reindeer! Covent Garden

Parthenon marbles

Egyptian votive figurines- my best thing in the B.M, the colours of these are amazing!

Bronze Age Torc's

Pocket watches

Cameo's. Yum.
 It also snowed when we were walking back to Waterloo. There was also a really good art/science installation in the museum, but that deserves a separate post, which I can do soon hopefully- just got to get home on Sunday through the snow :S



  1. The BM was my fave place when I still lived in Hertfordshire- don't go nearly enough as i live in devon!

  2. haha! It's great! I live in Devon too, but it's so worth the trip :)