Monday, 20 December 2010


Finally got round to doing a post about the exhibition I saw at the British Museum- it was very cleverly done and quite thought provoking, it made me think about the amount of medication I must have taken over my lifetime, and how much more I will probably have to take.
The installation was essentially one long table, covering two different people's lives through the medication they took, from birth to death. Entitled 'Cradle to Grave' every single pill, antibiotic and tablet each person ever took was on display, each one individually inserted into a mesh pocket. Behind this roll of pills were pieces of paper documenting the illnesses and problems that these people suffered which required medication over the years, alongside of this were personal items and photographs documenting their lives.

This shows when the man died of a stroke, the pills abruptly end
I am putting a link in to Pharmacopoeia's website, click here. If you go to Artworks along the top you can see all the projects they have done/are involved in, there is a great picture of the Cradle to Grave exhibition table which gives you an idea of how big it is.
On another note, we have snow! Too much of it, the main road out of town is dangerous and our road hasn't been cleared, cannot really go anywhere. On the plus side, I managed to hike to Oxfam today and found the best aran cable knit jumper, £3.99! Beautiful. I would take some pictures of the snow but my camera is rubbish as you know and I cannot be bothered to sink into a 10 inch snow drift. I will decorate the house instead with tinsel, holly and fairy lights, the Christmas tree is snowed under on the patio, not sure when it's coming inside :S Plus my cat has a very bad back leg and needs to go to the vets, but we cannot get the car down the hill, we might have to take her on the sledge...


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