Monday, 30 July 2012

Glossybox: July 2012

 Festivals was the theme for this month's Glossybox, with a nice mixture of products, although the Nuxe oil was a recurrence for me, as was the Monu product. Would I have taken any of these to a festival? Some of them for sure, but maybe not the Elizabeth Arden facial products- I have never washed my face at a festival and prefer to rely on good old make up wipes for a few days! I would however, take the perfume to keep me smelling lovely, the Paul Mitchell moisture spray to keep my hair refreshed, and also the lip gloss which smells amazing.
 Overall, a good box, but if I have to be picky then I would comment on the reappearance of a few brands/products. Luckily I can swap some with a lady I work with as she received different products, so I can't really complain, but I still wonder if we really get our money's worth every month. I would love to see some new, different products from other brands in the future, and also the opportunity to review previous box's contents, as these haven't been updated online for months. Anyway, little grump over, here are the products I got this month:

 Elizabeth Arden Cleanser, Serum and Skin Balance Lotion.
This will be a product I will be swapping with my friend, this brand has never really appealed to me in skin care terms and I don't really need it as I have lots of cleansers at the moment. Still, it was a nice product to get and would be really handy for taking on holiday and maximising your luggage space for more clothes haha!

Londoner N6 Urban Fragrance sample by Bex Londoner.
I love discovering new scents and this one is lovely- quite strong and musky for an EDT and it has good staying power. These scents are based on areas of London, N6 is inspired by Highgate Village and Hampstead Heath, and smells very herbal in a good way. I really enjoy getting the perfume samples, I take them when I travel so my perfume bottles are out of danger from being dropped, plus I can take a few and have them on rotation.

Nuxe Multi-Usage Dry Oil.
Another product I will be swapping as I already have an unused one from a previous box, and I have my Vo5 hair oil to use up first before I try this one out, although I have read very positive reviews! You can use this on hair, face, body etc, although I have also heard it can cause breakouts, so maybe approach with caution? I think I will stick to using this on my hair when I finally get round to using it.

Monu Night Renewal Complex cream.
I'm really enjoying this overnight moisturiser, I got a daytime one in a previous box and didn't really like it, but this one is much better. It's very heavily scented, very herbal, but I like that. So far nothing bad has happened to my skin, but no real improvements either, so maybe this will happen over time, but this is a nice cream and makes my skin feel soft and nourished. It's not tested on animals either, win.

Jelly Pong Pong Lip Gloss in Irish Cream Pavlova.
The scent of this reminds me of something from my childhood, but I cannot think of what! Maybe if I keep sniffing it then I will remember, and as it smells so good I don't mind doing that haha ;) This is a thick, bright pink lip gloss which does indeed smell like sweet pavlova. It's lovely worn alone or over my Collection 2000 matte lip creme, and feels very nourishing on my lips. The tube is quite big so will be lasting me for ages, this is my favourite product this month.

Paul Mitchell Moisture Hydrating Spray for face and hair.
Kind of like Fix Plus, but by Paul Mitchell. This is quite a nice product, ideal for the recent hot weather we've had in the UK. This did react with my hair spray, making my hair crispy, so it's best applied to clean/un-styled hair I think. It is refreshing, but I do avoid my face with it as I'm paranoid about products which could potentially cause spots. Nice hair product though and I will be taking this with me when I go on holiday.

 So, there are July's offerings! Did you get the same ones, or something a little different? What do you think of the products?


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  1. The perfumes sound good, I don't know how you can base them on areas of London but I like the idea!