Saturday, 28 July 2012

MAC 15 Palette

 I thought I'd post about this as I love seeing what eyeshadows people have in their palettes, and hopefully this will give someone some makeup inspiration ;) This has been built up over a good year or so, I only got a palette when it became apparent that my collection was growing far too big for my makeup bag and really needed a more compact and secure home. I also have a little quad palette so I can decant some shades when I go away/on holiday and they can travel safely!

 I really rate MAC's eyeshadows, they are my favourite mac product and well worth the money- I use this palette every day and so far I have never had to replace a single shadow- they really last- both as a product and also very well on my eyelids throughout the day. Neutral shimmery colours are my favourite (All That Glitters is my absolute favourite so far), but I also have some slightly more 'out there' shades such as Swish, Amber Lights and Beauty' Marked to mix things up a little. I won't be stopping here though, with a vast shade range there are lots more I'd like to own, I think Coppering is pretty high up on that list, although I'm really drawn to the names as well, Mythology is a good example (and a beautiful colour)!
 I usually pick these up at the MAC counter in Bournemouth where I can spend ages choosing and swatching colours (sorry Adam!), so I expect some more will find their way to me :)

 If you're thinking of investing in some MAC eyeshadows, or are building a palette of your own, then I'd love to know. Any recommendations for my next purchase?



  1. Love this mix of colours- it's so versatile! I don't own any Mac but have heard only good things about it's shadows.

    1. Thank you! Definitely worth the investment and they last for absolutely ages! xx