Friday, 3 August 2012

Avon Products: Lipstick & Mineral Foundation

Avon Extra Lasting Lipstick in Rose Creme, Smooth Minerals Powder Foundation in Shell.

 As I'm feeling not at all well, I thought I might as well get some blogging done before I hopefully head off to Dorset after work tomorrow! I have been asleep since I got home from work, eating and also watching some rather tasty male swimmers in the Olympics ;)- that made me feel a little better haha.

 Anyway, Avon: I have been a fan of this company since my early teens, they provide a door to door service delivering makeup which you order from a catalouge. In recent years they appear to have had a major overhaul, both in appearance and also in terms of the products they offer, with competitive prices for (I think) quite high quality items. Their Supershock gel eyeliner and mascara are best sellers and also very popular amongst the blogging/youtube community, I own both and can vouch for the hype surrounding them. Although you cannot really get an idea of the exact shades of products from the catalouge, they seem to be pretty accurate IRL, so you should be pleasantly surprised when ordering.

 I chose a long-lasting lipstick in a bright pinky red shade- Rose Creme. I'm really considering ordering a few more shades as they really do stay put, but most importantly don't dry out my lips. They are creamy and highly pigmented, I think I paid around the £3.50 mark, this was an introductory offer, but Avon seem to have these on all the time, so keep an eye out! These remind me of the MAC Sheen Supreme lipsticks, but at a fraction of the cost and offer more pigmentation. The packaging is secure and inoffensive, I can see this lasting me a very long time and also looking good worn under a lip gloss.

 I was thinking of getting the Laura Mercier mineral powder foundation, but I thought I would try a more affordable version and see if my skin approved. I think the only downside to this product is the amount which is dispensed- not a lot comes out at first, certainly not enough to provide the level of coverage my skin needs. It is buildable though, so after a good shake I can get enough powder to provide a nice even skintone. I use my Real Techniques buffing brush to apply this in light layers. My skin has benefitted from using this, it's certainly a lot lighter than my MAC/Estee Lauder foundations and also seems to have good staying power if set with some additional powder. This shade is a touch too orange for me, I have quite fair skin, so I think ordering down a shade might have been better. Overall a good way to get into mineral foundations, I do recommend it if you're looking for something lighter on the skin and also an affordable alternative to the higher-end brands. Avon is the way forward! Makeup shopping from the comfort of your own home- what's not to love?!


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