Monday, 2 July 2012

Weekend Post: beside the sea

 We visited Lyme Regis on Sunday, it was boiling hot (for a change!) and I was glad to be near the sea and the breeze. Fossil hunting was on the agenda, but the tide was in and it was too dangerous to try and get onto the fossil beach, we did find an amazing vintage/antiques warehouse along the beach front which I suggest you visit, as it sells anything you can think of (clothing, jewellery, furniture etc) and it's all very reasonably priced- I saw lots of things under £10. Sadly I didn't buy anything, I couldn't find anything I really needed, but I'm already planning on when I can return, I adore places like that, it was so big you could have spent hours looking around!

 The shops in Lyme Regis are very quaint, full of old bookshops, fossil specialists and art galleries. I would love to have a little break there to make the most of the town and also the beautiful countryside around it. I snapped some pastel beach huts and some unique architecture, not many houses look the same! We had a lovely lunch- a pint of prawns! I couldn't finish it all, there was so much.

 Today I took Adam back to the station and we had lunch in Exeter first. We went to a cute little tea rooms on the Cathedral Green and I took a picture of some tea I had- a tea burst! It's a flower you soak in hot water and it opens, releasing it's flavour. Yum! You could buy them for £1.50 each, but I might look for some cheaper options. I love trying new tea :) I also picked up some sale items, expect a little post on here soon!

 I'm getting my hair done on Wednesday, hopefully I'm feeling better by then as my glands have been playing up and I'm not feeling so good today, as I have a 9 hour shift tomorrow I'm hoping they'll improve tonight!



  1. I love your photos.. The tea looks awesome. I am searching for somewhere near me to have a try of it!



  2. Beautiful photographs!! You have such a lovely site!

  3. ooh thank you ladies! :) xx