Friday, 13 July 2012

sagittarius rising

Credits: Google, tumblr, John
 I'm sat here, eating a cinnamon swirl and wallowing in a chair on a Friday night. I won't go into the details but I'm suffering from an ongoing health issue which is making me feel quite sad and alone. Nothing I can really do about it though, so I will finish my swirl and attempt to cheer the hell up!

 Reasons to be cheerful:
 -The pictures above, more of which can be found on my tumblr. I have been really getting back into art recently and rediscovering my favourite artists. If you haven't heard of Alan Lee, Brian Froud, John Howe or Brom then I suggest you do a quick google- I'm a very big fan of fantasy art and I love all the concept artwork for Lord of the Rings- nothing wrong with releasing your inner art geek.
 -I've also made quite a bit of money from ebay recently, I had a bid cancelled by ebay as the buyer was, and I quote, 'suspicious'- all very mysterious haha. I haven't lost any money though, so no harm done :)
 -I lost 3lbs at slimming world last week, despite eating what felt like my weight in cake during the week- I'm trying to be good this week in case it all catches up, but these cinnamon swirls might be my downfall...that and some twix at work. Yikes.
 -I have very nearly finished my nvq course, which means a pay rise! Albeit a small one, but still it means more money I can save for university next year spend in Topshop...ahem.
 -Adam and I have Goodwood Revival tickets, I am so looking forward to rummaging for some vintage clothes and finally going in September! And we also have our holiday to York in October to look forward to :)

 I feel much better after typing that little lot. Sometimes I need to get things out there, it really does me no good to bottle it all up. I'm going to have some tea now read my book. The post title refers to a new book I really want to read, about fighter pilots in WWII. I need to get back into reading for pleasure again, and not spend so much time on my laptop. So, farewell! For about 5 minutes...!


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