Wednesday, 15 February 2012

with love...

My Valentines weekend consisted of driving, eating (what diet?), cuddling and more eating. Perfect. We went to Studland in Dorset and went for a lovely walk, then ate heart cupcakes afterwards in the warm car. Then we went shopping yesterday and I drove home this afternoon. Adam got me the most adorable card!
 I bought a workout dvd and I think I'm going to die, it looks insane. Back to work for 3 days, then two days off- lovely :)
 Sadly the mini isn't mine (yet), I took this picture while the owner was unlocking the door, bit awkward... me and Adam talked about a possible driving tour when I get mine, that would be amazing, I would rather get to know Britain better than go abroad just yet, bit cheaper too ;)

Happy Valentines little blog, with love,

 from me.



  1. nice photos (: i love the heart shaped rusks**

  2. thank you :) It's actually toast, but it went a bit hard as it took a while to cut out haha!