Sunday, 5 February 2012


Murad primer, MAC Studio Fix in NW20, Clarins creams via Glossybox, MAC Expensive Pink shadow, No7 & Avon mascara, Avon supershock gel eyeliner pencil.
 Firstly, where is the snow?! Everywhere but here it seems :( I thought I would make an entry about the new makeup items I acquired over the last week or so, one of the girls I work with has become an Avon lady, I always used to get a catalogue to my door every month, but then I went to Uni and they stopped. I had heard lots of good things about the gel eyeliner and it was free if you bought the mascara which was half price anyway. I'm testing it out today and so far I'm very pleased. The mascara is ok, not as good as the No7 one pictured- that is amazing and seriously worth a look. A few naughty mac purchases too, very happy with the shadow, the foundation might have to grow on me though- not the easiest to get out of the bottle- might have to get a pump...

 I'm not going to do a Glossybox post, due to being lazy ;), so I have included my favourite items from the Valentines box: the Murad primer and the Clarins creams- nice to try them and in decent sample sizes too. Not massively keen on the Eyeko liner- I find it drags and dark blue is not really my colour when it comes to makeup, still a nice product to receive though- makes a change from perfume samples ;)

 The only clothing store in our town is closing soon- Peacock's. Although I wouldn't always choose to shop here, a few nice items can be found if you rummage around, I found some teal chino's for £9 yesterday :)  I really hope another clothes store opens up or I will have nothing- the nearest good clothes shops are about 15 miles away- living in a rubbish rural town really does have it's downsides.

My pictures look a little different today- I edit them using picnik, a free editing program, although I found out today it's closing in April (notice a trend here?). But their premium package is free until then, so if you've ever thought about signing up do it now!! I might have to bit the bullet and pay for Photoshop after April...and get around to updating my mac- oh to win the lottery!

 I lost another lb at slimming world this week, so 5.5lbs has come off overall. I'm also going to invest in this- a good workout dvd so I can exercise in my comfy lounge and not have to face any gym scenes...cannot think of anything worse!

Have a nice weekend little blog :)


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