Monday, 20 February 2012

Glossybox: Feb 2012 LFW Edition

Duwop venom gloss (full size), Impress press on manicure (full size), Paul Mitchell quick slip (sample), BM Beauty pure mineral eyeshadow (sample), Como Shambhala invigorate shower gel (sample).

 Normally I wait a week to test everything etc, but today I was really bored and tried everything out today instead. To be really honest, this is another 'meh' box, and I am really considering terminating my subscription when I get to my free box. The venom gloss is surprisingly nice, not too gloopy on the lips- for me it feels like a heavy lip balm, it really tingles though so be warned!! The press-on nails are not really my thing or colour (neon pink, yuk), but I will try one out and see how it fares- can always give them to someone else ;) The eyeshadow is ok, it fades well, leaving a nice sparkle (reminds me of Beautymarked by MAC), but again, not such a friendly colour, as I'm into my neutral shades (can't win all the time though). The shower gel smells lovely, I'm coming to the end of my Rituals one, so it's nice to receive another brand to try. The Paul Mitchell quick slip is a little strange, it smells nice when you squirt a little onto your hand, but when using it after a while it develops a really odd after-smell, still, it left my hair feeling soft and in no way greasy, so I'm pleased with it.

I wish Glossybox would do a little q&a thing for everyone, where you could specify what you like, in terms of makeup shades and skin tone etc- their Beauty profile is a little bit crap in my opinion, and I don't think I've ever received any products that suit my skin or hair type/tone based on the answers I gave them. Considering their service is very popular I think they could bother to get it right more often and listen to what their customers want...

 Overall, this box is ok- nothing really grabs me, but it's nice to get some new products I haven't heard of before. I just don't know how much longer I'm going to carry on with this- £12 a month soon adds up, and to be really honest, I don't need endless pots of samples (however good) just lying around, especially the ones I can't/don't like using. I would honestly rather save up and buy more expensive products that I am actually going to use regularly and that I really want. Once I have collected enough Glossydots to get a free box then I think I will be unsubbing as I've said. This did brighten up my day though, and I enjoyed testing everything out :)



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  2. Thank you! Yes, if you like :)