Sunday, 19 February 2012

On a Sunday III

 Cannot get enough of my fur (fake) stole/cozy thing- so warm and snuggly, my mum cuddles it in the car if I've worn it out...!

 That time of the week again- my life is zooming by- oh well, payday soon!
 Did some ladybird style nails yesterday, falling in love with my nail art pen again. Also started my workout regime today- OH GOD IT'S INSANE. I had to pause it twice due to feeling faint...oh well, hopefully it'll do something!

Getting my hair done as soon as my money comes through- going for a trim and an 'ombre' look, yup a little behind on that trend (as ever) but I fancy a change without dying the whole lot, if I hate it then the ends can be chopped off.

 Also going to stock up on some more Liz Earle products since a little email arrived the other day informing me that the prices are going up on 1st of March, think the 29th Feb is the last day you can order with the cheaper prices. I'm going to order the Feb face kit which has free p&p, then I'll be sorted with skincare for a very long time :)
Going to have some tea now and think about what sort of soup to make this evening, also got to get around to putting some more stuff on money money please!


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