Tuesday, 1 February 2011


I have a very vain dilemma, which to a lot of people won't seem important, but anyway I thought that I'd share it. I am not very happy with my hair at the moment, going back to jet black was a good decision as it makes it look more healthy and I can gradually let it fade and give my hair a break from all the colouring. But...it's not great, I swear it's thinner and refuses to grow, which means its stuck in the same style every single day. BORING. I would love to put it up, braid it, tie a scarf into it, but no- its not having it and it refuses to budge past my shoulders. Thanks hair - Not. Anyway, I have been thinking about clip in extensions for a while, watching Snog marry avoid has totally put me off glue-in ones, I do not want bald patches thank you very much. But I don't know, should I?? If I get them, then it will be from this site: Foxy Locks

They seem to be better than most out there- anyone had any experience with them? The minimal amount is 120g, and from watching many reviews, that may even be too much, but I guess its better to have more than you need than less. They retail at £56.00, plus shipping, so not cheap, but then I'm sure there are more expensive ones out there. I have been doing my research and this company seem to be the best around at the moment, they do really good Youtube tutorials too. Definitely worth checking out if you're thinking of getting extensions.

So, I need to have a good think, and also about the colour- off brown or jet black- my brown is starting to come through my black, but only under certain lights, so maybe the jet black may be a good option. ARGHHH I am SO indecisive, but I do have money at the moment, so maybe this may be the best time. I'll keep pondering!


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